After spending over a decade in the health and wellness space, I thought I had been introduced to every nutritional product under the sun. Because of this, we more often than not had innovators knocking down the door to showcase the latest in the health and wellness industry to my team. However, there is a tremendous amount of vetting that goes into introducing a product to the market. Numerous factors need to be evaluated and assessed when introducing any health supplement such as: Is it compliant with current governmental guidelines? What is the effectiveness? Is there a need for this type of supplement? What is the quality of the ingredients and where are they sourced? The list is endless. 

When it came time for me to begin working on a synergistic system for CorVive, I knew there had to be a concrete foundation when it came to health, wellness and longevity. I knew there were a few things that would be critical to ensure that people from all walks of life could experience the life-changing benefits of proper supplementation. First off, I knew I would need to team up with top formulators–and I did. It didn’t happen overnight, but I spent the time researching and interviewing award-winning formulators responsible for some of the biggest nutritional consumer brands. Our elite team went to work with a few key principles in mind: one, the products we developed would have to be simple – they would need to be part of a basic system that would be easy for people to incorporate into their lives;  two, the products needed to be effective – they had to be proven in their given delivery system along with results seen by the consumer; and three, they had to be safe and made from the highest quality ingredients. With those three simple principles in mind, I am proud to say we were able to deliver a  product line that is second to none. We only believe in using top grade ingredients that are sourced from here in the USA.  We couldn’t be more proud of how CorVive’s unique product line is impacting lives. 

As we move into the future and continue to innovate, the same principles that made us successful to begin with will be the same principles which will propel us forward. We will continue sourcing superior quality raw ingredients for our synergetic formulas, while ensuring the price point allows our product line to be readily available for all, making sure the price is in reach of everyone. 

Stay tuned for the next blog here where I will be discussing the power of our simple, 3-step system.