Jeremy Fouts “Everyone who participates in the CTL is a winner in my book.”
Congratulations for coming this far with the CTL. I am always incredibly impressed by how amazingly resilient and committed you all are! This CTL has flown by us so quickly, but there’s still more to go before we reach our destination. And there are a lot of people who are sitting and ready to RESET. At the end of this amazing journey we will celebrate all of the forward momentum made possible because of you and for sticking with the CTL!  I know some will be celebrating their success during these final days – but keep your eyes on that finish line and sprint to the end!
The last thirty days of the CTL are the best! This is when you are in a rhythm and are seeing the fruits of your labor. This is also the best time for you to share the CTL with those you love and care about. When you recruit a walk on during the last segment it allows them to feel the excitement in a visceral way. They see how you and all of the other participants have shaped their lives in a positive direction and so many people are looking for that right now.
Jeremy Fouts “Now is the perfect time to share the CTL. Most people by now have given up on their new year’s resolutions, which means they’ve given up on themselves. This is an ideal time for you to put wind back in their sail and show them what CorVive and the CTL has done for you.”
Stick with it. Finish out the segment of this amazing 90 day CTL strong. Keep in mind we have an incredible award for those grand prize winners, not to mention all of the things that have been given out along the way. I personally am committed to becoming the best version of myself (more on that in a later post), and I am ecstatic to share with you some of the things I am learning along the way as we all grow together. Go get ‘em!