Always showing up, but never having to show off. The Rainwaters have a philosophy of
 success is not in their words, but in their actions. A perfect fit with CorVive, Candace and Larry
Rainwater exemplify over and over again why CorVive is the right place and the
right time. They live the principles of love, serve and care, all while combining just
the right amount of determination to ultimately change thousands of lives (which
they have done).
Consistency has been the bedrock upon which the Rainwaters have built their
business. Natural born entrepreneurs, they know the work it takes to feed
a thriving business and balance life in the meantime. However, they have both
mentioned that they have plenty of growing to do and CorVive has helped them
beyond measure, as there couldn’t be one without the other. They have brought their
own admirable style of leadership that is a playbook about helping others, and teach it along the way.
Candace will never boast singularly about her success, but will quickly turn the light
on a number of folks they are working with to lead to the trove of success. Whether
that person is a new found friend or a long time acquaintance, the Rainwaters
demonstrate an unparalleled ability to love without conditions. And these admirable
characteristics keep a fresh field of wheat ready to go for the Rainwaters to continue
to sow and harvest.
One need not look far to see how the Rainwaters use their subtle influence to create
winners. Just a short time ago Larry and his son entered a CorVive Transformation
League contest and took home the gold. Without pushing or shoving, they led their son, Whitlee, to a pretty dramatic lifestyle change! (Don’t worry we will show you the
proof in the pics)
If you ever have the chance, join the Rainwaters for a quick conversation and see
how they are truly intentional on building a CorVive business that stands the test of
time—do it, take a minute to say ‘hello’. Better yet grab a ticket to the next CorVive
event and you can listen to this friendly couple break down their secrets to finding
long-lasting success. We promise you consistency will be central to their message,
whether that be consistency in taking CorVive products to create a healthy lifestyle
change or consistency with how you are approaching your life and your ‘why’.
Winners take note from this playbook of two amazing people striving for an
incredible dream. We are here for it.
“The Rainwaters have a unique ability to change lives through their example. They
never overdo it in a phony way: they are real to the core. We love the light they
bring to CorVive because it illuminates everyone. Candace and Larry are never there
to shade anyone’s spotlight.”—Jeremy Fouts
See it to believe it. The Rainwater’s latest proof pics in caption. (Candace, Larry, and
Whitley’s before and after pics and stats)
Whitlee Rainwater
the rainwaters
larry rainwater