Did you know there is actually a condition called overchoiceThis happens when there are so many decisions that you can become overwhelmed, ultimately resulting in not making a decision at all. When it comes to purchasing something, it has been proven the simpler the choices, the more likely someone is to decide to make a purchase. Likewise, the more choices given, the likelihood of someone making a purchasing decision decreases incrementally.  

It seems relatively simple, but still, many companies have a plethora of products in their catalogs and expect that customers should have an easy time deciding what to take and how to take it. This unfortunate mistake often leads to prospective customers experiencing shopping paralysis, therefore nothing happens.  

As I look back on my career, I realize as important as the business side is and helping families gain financial independence, customers are even more important. Having a loyal customer base is what helps ensure company stability.  They are the voice of whether or not your product is simple, effective and long lasting.  

When we started CorVive, the most important part of our mission statement was to love, serve, and care…right next to those words was the philosophy of keeping the company fun, simple, and refreshing. Every time we examined and then reexamined a product, we made sure it passed the test; is this product easy to understand, is it effective, and is it safe. This simple philosophy is why so many people connect with the amazing health benefits of the CorVive product line. 

Simple steps of using the product line. 

  • First thing in the morning one glass of water with CorRenew and CorBolic capsules 
  • Second, mix up a delicious CorPower protein supplement for breakfast 
  • Third, mix up a glass of CorNRG or CorXLR (keto).  


It really is that simple. Of course, we have a couple of complementary products, but even these are designed to fit nicely into each person’s lifestyle in order to maintain continuity.