CorVive’s Holiday Bowl

Let’s let everyone in on the best kept secret of the holidays…this time of year is optimal for beginning or maintaining a fitness regimen; most have a little extra time, many are surrounded by fun friends and family who are happy to jump in on a bit of fitness fun, and what better time to get ahead of the extra calories than now! CorVive’s 15 day Holiday Bowl is gearing up to be a celebratory highlight of the joyous season, so now is your chance to join us and have a blast keeping fit and fab for the holidays. Joining is easy, reunite with your CTL friends or even create your own 5 roster crew for the holidays. This is a quick sprint for fifteen days from November 16th to the 30th. Don’t wait; spots are limited so make sure you get your registration in ASAP. Head on over to CTLFIT.COM and register today. Make the most of your holiday events by being a part of CorVive’s Holiday Bowl!

New Website!!

CorVive is committed to bringing to you the best platforms for success, and today proves to be one of those amazing opportunities where we unveil the shiny-new, website. This is your go to location to learn more about CorVive’s founder and his mission to love, serve, and care for others. Head over to to test-drive this website. If you want a look behind the scenes of CorVive leadership look no further than The all-access website for topics ranging from leadership development to positive and motivational messages and blogs. Head over to for a more in-depth look at this amazing man's life.