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Renewed and Recharged

As we wrap up our RENEW event I take time to reflect on all of the amazing transformations our CorVive family is going through. At a thought-provoking time when everyone has been going through different stages in their lives, I realize again that change is real; and as I have said before if there is one thing that is constant in our lives, it is change. Sometimes change can be the hardest thing we face in life, but if we can harness the power of that change and let it strengthen our resolve to do good, we can affect the world in wondrous ways. Fall represents change in a way and is a powerful season. Fall is a time that is right in sync with why I decided RENEW would be a good theme for our event. The thing that I am most excited about is the rumbling of momentum that we are beginning to feel across the board. There is a feeling of exponential success that is beginning to take shape. We saw more rank advancements than ever, we witnessed health transformations that were nothing short of miraculous, and we listened to people explain life changing stories that were significant in every way. Let us use those feelings of positivity and harness them as our catalyst for success moving forward. Between now and our Catalyst event in January we will see more growth and success than we ever have before at CorVive. We understand that we are very fortunate to be in the position that we are currently experiencing as a company. We offer best-in-class products that are fine-tuned to be exceptional on every level. Our executive team is incredibly devoted to ensuring that our field leaders experience the most success possible. Rather than drudging through business like an aged dinosaur, our youth (being just two years old) gives us the strength and it gives us a fresh perspective that in turn allows us to be on the cutting edge. This is exactly where I want us to be. We have so many things going for us, most importantly, it is our humble objective to make sure that you get the chance to love, serve and care as we all go through change and growth together. I look back at my experience when momentum took livelihoods to a new level, and back to the beginning of my career, when product advancements were exciting and new; and I get the familiar feeling of accomplishment that accompanies those characteristics. CorVive is renewed and we stand ready to love, serve and care for all those that we can. We have teamed up with the most amazing people in the world that have those same values at heart. This union will serve as rocket fuel as CorVive pushes new levels of success and for that I am grateful. Hang on and enjoy that ride because we want all of you to be part of the magic that is on the horizon. [...]

The Making of a Strong Leader

When you think of good examples of memorable leaders throughout history the list is endless. Leaders have played a strong role in the development of society throughout time. The same is true with all groups of people--leaders will ultimately emerge, and often times you find that some are born with innate leadership abilities but more times than not those attributes are taught, learned behaviors that can be refined and perfected. Leaders are often trained and mentored by those that came before. When you think of ultra successful companies in todays environment, it is rare to not link the success to the leadership that helped to grow and evolve those companies. During the developmental phase of CorVive, Jeremy Fouts took the need to help people with personal growth very seriously. He knew that by deploying the principles of love, serve and care you have the chance to change people’s lives and watch them grow for the better. CorVive allows everyone the opportunity to grow where they are planted, and Jeremy is always looking for ways to help individuals cultivate their God-given skills. CorVive has made certain to give all individuals the opportunity to become outstanding leaders. Once you start to see leaders develop, you also start to see your efforts grow exponentially. Suddenly the heavy load isn’t always weighing on your own shoulders; with a group of leaders you have the ability to distribute efforts and witness your team evolve into a fine tuned machine. Want to know a secret? One of the most effective ways to help people develop their leadership skills is through an in person event…Leaders are built at events. This is why Jeremy Fouts has laid down a clear cadence of corporate events so that you have the support you need to help grow leaders amongst your team.  Events allow their confidence to build in ways that cannot happen outside of a live leadership event. If you’re looking to add rocket fuel to your team it is imperative that you get them to every CorVive event possible. For repeat attendees, it affords you the opportunity to refill your tank so that you leave motivated and empowered. For new people, there is nothing more important than getting to your first CorVive event. It will be the deciding factor for how your leadership forms. When new people tap into success for the first time, it is often because they had recently attended a Corvive event. Check the events page often at so you know when you have your next opportunity to stretch and grow as a leader…Because leaders are made at events.

Tom Brady’s Mindset

Being one of only two players to win 5 super bowls makes Tom Brady a really special football quarterback. As if that feat was not great, Brady set the record of being the only quarterback who won 5 Super Bowls playing for the same team. However, that is only the beginning of what puts him in a league of his own. He has 4 Super Bowl MVP awards (the most), has been into a dozen Pro Bowls, has 2 league MPV awards to his name, and has seen his team win more division titles as a quarterback than anyone else. Tom Brady is easily in the list of the greatest athletes in the sport. He has been an inspiring figure to tens of millions. These quotes from this legend will not only help inspire you, but they can also provide you an insight into the stuff that makes him so great! "You can’t go out and practice average on Wednesday, average on Thursday, okay on Friday and then expect to play well on Sunday." "A lot of times I find that people who are blessed with the most talent don’t ever develop that attitude, and the ones who aren’t blessed in that way are the most competitive and have the biggest heart." "I think sometimes in life the biggest challenges end up being the best things that happen in your life." "You wanna know which ring is my favorite? The next one." My personal favorite quote from Tom Brady is the following: "You Push your body to the limits, but you have to train your body to deal with the limits."

Olympian Mindset

In his Olympic career, Michael Phelps amassed twenty-eight medals – an incredible twenty-three of those being gold – both all-time Olympic records. Remarkably, he did so over the course of four Olympic games spanning twelve years. Michael Phelps has proven himself to be one of the greatest athletic champions of all time. Here are 10 quotes of wisdom from Phelps on high-performance, passion, and persistence to match his illustrious twenty-three gold medals. If you say can’t you’re restricting what you can do or ever will do. It doesn’t matter what else is going on. When you walk into your arena or your – whatever you excel at — you’re there to take care of the job that you have to do. If I didn’t swim my best, I’d think about it at school, at dinner, with my friends. It would drive me crazy. There are always going to be obstacles that come in your way, stay positive. People say to me, You’re so lucky. You get to see the world. But I don’t. I go to the hotel and the pools and back again. That’s it. You can’t put a limit to anything. The more you dream, the farther you get. I feel most at home in the water. I disappear. That’s where I belong. With so many people saying it couldn’t be done, all it takes is an imagination. I wouldn’t say anything is impossible. I think that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and put the work and time into it. When I feel tired, I just think about how great I will feel, once I finally reach my goal.

CTL 1 Coaches Corner

CTL 1 Coaches Corner: Tips and tricks for taking your fitness goals to the next level for CTL 2, directly from CorVive Transformation League Coaches of the Week. Make the most of your workouts. Jeremy Fouts: What is your personal tip that guides your own work outs? Push your limits. Your body is an amazing machine; listen to it. It knows when you need nutrition/supplementation, it knows when you’ve gone a little too far, and most importantly it knows how to recover. Almost every CorVive product has an ingredient intentionally incorporated into the formulation to assist in recovery. From CBD Balm’s peppermint oil to NRG’s l-arginine: be consistent with the products to get the most out of your regimen. Mental Strength Sherry Klander: Whats your number one rule that you don’t skip? I ensure that I take 10-15 minutes of time to myself every day to really get my mind right. I recommend that all of my players do SOMETHING every day to work on their mental game!  Jeremy Fouts recommends working on leadership daily, so it is definitely something I incorporated into the CTL and I would recommend it to everyone joining CTL 2. Keep your mind sharp and your body will follow. Physical Maximum Laura Brent: How do you really get a good sweat on? First and foremost, any workout is better than no workout! I am a huge advocate for strength training. However, let’s say you only have limited space and limited access to favorite space saving moves are as follows- Air Squats, Lunges, Standing calf raises, push-ups, planks, jumping jacks, jump rope, and mountain climbers. All of these exercises are sure to get your heart rate up and can all be modified to fit your fitness level! Product Power Jerry Briggs: What are your f avorite products and how do you maximize it/them? I think the obvious answer here is Cor Power. While it is very true that it helps immensely and plays a huge role in the amount of time I'm able to put in running without taking a day off, I'm going to go a different route and say HYDR8!  My whole life I've struggled mightily with hamstring cramping, both while sleeping/laying in bed, and during the day after long, hard workouts.  In recent years, I've had trouble with both legs cramping at the same time, effectively immobilizing me for a period of time, and even bringing tears to my eyes.  The last cramp I experienced had been just about a week or so ago, after an 11 or 12 mile run. I called for help from my HYDR8 and consumed it quickly. Not even a whimper of a cramp the rest of the day, or since! I regularly consume a HYDR8 before and after a workout now, sometimes during too.  It's the only thing I've ever had that makes the cramping subside and prevents them from recurring.  Not Gatorade, not pickle juice, not salt tablets, nothing I've tried (and I think I've tried it all) has [...]

A Weekend of Close Calls as CTL Nears the Finish Line

CorVive Transformation League Recap: A Weekend of Close Calls as CTL Nears the Finish Line All good things don’t have to come to an end! CTL may be close to wrapping up the first season, but the excitement for season two is nearing fever pitch, even before the inaugural season wraps up. We have witnessed some amazing performances in the CTL’s first round of competition and as the final week approaches teams are really seeing amazing transformations. Let’s review a few of the highlights that kept the CTL league buzzing this week. Controversy this week was kept to a minimum as teams refined their techniques and began their march to the final week. Submissions were clean, before and after pics are astonishing and coaches are beaming with pride. Right out of the gates Bulldogs 1, put Coach Tanner and the Vaqueros on their heels. Both of these teams have been putting up some impressive numbers and have experienced a solid season but it was coach James West and the Bulldogs that pulled off quite a win putting up an impressive 140 point total. Matt Tanner, a previous transformation champion, didn’t let the loss get him down. He sited some extenuating circumstances during the week for a decrease in points, but overall he was pleased with the performance of his team. West had this to say about the Bulldogs, “We are so excited about how things are shaping up with the CorVive Transformation League. It has been extraordinary to see how our team has opened up with each other and have really formed life-long bonds. There is no losing when you are able to shape lives in such a positive way; creating a support system that is always available.” Battling it out for another substantial win was the 49ers and Coach Jake Mouton. Known for his ability to stir the pot, Mouton kept to the same tactics, making sure his opposition always knew that he is there to bring the antics and performance. His team again met the 11 out of 11 submissions like clockwork and walked away with a victory win against Bulldogs 2. Both teams recognized the mutual respect they have for all of those competing in the league. When it came to weekly bests the Dawgs lost 20 pounds as a team in one week (almost approaching the weekly pace set by the formidable Chiefs)! As they took on the Red Raiders they fired on all cylinders, which had Coach Jerry Briggs of the Dawgs on his feet for most of the night. This game was fun to watch unfold and both teams played with many of the same strategies; products, activity, and commitment. Coach Cruz had spent the weekend running business strategy sessions, but had planned to come back in the final week ready to rock. In the end, the Dawgs walked away with a huge win and seem to be pulling away from other competitors, with a  confirmed 86,092 work-out calories logged. Coach Ashley Switzer and [...]

CTL RECAP: Midseason Heat Wave.

Every team involved in the CorVive Transformation League seems to be upping the ante at every corner. The league is seeing team performance skyrocket as the finish line comes into view. League Commissioner, CorVive Founder Jeremy Fouts, as well as a number of officials and commenters came head-to-head with league coaches as call reversals were demanded, scores requested to be reviewed, along with a number of game day call revisions. In the end, everybody came out beaming with pride in the way their teams performed, the lifestyle changes that are being made, and the life-long bonds being made that can only be accomplished by being comrades on the front lines. Fouts had this to say about the current state of the CTL season; “As the Ach13ve Transformation evolved from the beginning we knew we had something special, and now to see how the CorVive Transformation League continues to push individuals to new personal records with their goals and progress makes my day. The CTL program is something that is having a snowball effect. It gains momentum daily, the positive personal progress that people are experiencing is tremendous—and we’ve only just begun. I am humbled, thrilled, and inspired with what folks are doing to change their lives with three simple steps.” Right out of the gates a number of teams felt the sting from game day penalties: The 49ers, the Rattlers, the Bobcats, Ragin’ Cajuns, Bull Dogs I & Bull Dogs II, and even the Sun Devils were called on the carpet for what seemed like a diversion tactic on game day delays; forms were submitted late, some submitted the wrong form, but after all was said and done it was the sheer athleticism that found a number of these penalties expunged by tremendous active calorie counts, muscle gains, and just plain old fashion strong competition. Coach Carter was the coach to beat this week and held strong to his core commitment of off the charts team solidarity and workouts. One remarkable pattern that is coming from the CTL program is the astonishing group weight loss. In one week the teams combined weight loss was over 1,000 pounds, incredible by any measure. Laura Brent continues to take her personal commitment level to new heights and her team seems to be following suit, making staggering gains week after week. Standing out with sheer anticipation, one of the games that kept folks on the edge of their seats was between the Cajuns and the Colts. It was nearly too close to call, going neck to neck down to the wire, both representing the sportsmanship that is created cross team lines to cheer each other on, it was quite a sight. Coach Bonewitz pulled off an incredible upset against the 49ers putting this remarkable team on their heels; we expect them to continue pushing with the utmost tenacity throughout the season.Renowned Ach13ve Transformation winner Coach James Tomblin lead his team to a remarkable win showing them by example how to put up numbers [...]

Adapting to the year of change

As we take the time to acknowledge the world around us, we can clearly see how things have changed over the past few months. It seems as though 2020 has brought more change than many of us expected or have experienced in a long time. Although this can seem intimidating, they will inevitably bring about good outcomes.  One thing I know to be a fact is that change is constant – it is something we can always count on. When faced with change we have two options; see the positive and roll with it or get caught up in the fear and negativity of it. Oftentimes, I notice individuals usually deal with the latter.  People tend to look over the many benefits change can bring about. The main benefit being personal growth. Anytime I have dealt with change, big or small, I always notice personal growth. However, the benefits don’t stop here – change also brings about new opportunities, new people, new environments, and fresh perspectives.   Many of us like to try and have everything figured out and be in perfect control of our lives, but the reality of it is, we can’t – no matter how hard we try. Change doesn’t care what our plans are or how in control we wish to be, it’s coming and it’s best to expect it will be beyond our control. Our mindset and how we view change will determine how we respond to it, and our response will be what makes or breaks us.  A quote I would like to leave you with is by Dan Millman. He said, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”  I want to encourage you all to be present, embrace the change, and then build upon it. 

Join our team

Growing up in rural Oklahoma, adventure usually meant using a lot of imagination. Your siblings were usually your running mates, most of the time it was all good fun, until your older brother talks you into jumping a ramp like Evel Knievel - I ended up going through our grandmothers’ windshield. Being number 3 of 4 boys, I grew up watching my older brothers play ball and of course I wanted to play too.  There are many great benefits to being involved in sports.  Physical activity, learning strategy, how to work with others and most importantly, how to push yourself.  These are all lessons or benefits that we can start to learn at a young age that help us to navigate life. Working as a team is a fun, exciting time as well as frustrating. You have to learn what your personal strengths and weaknesses are along with everyone else’s on the team.  However, that is valued information and opportunity that you can use to better develop yourself and most importantly how to help your teammates better and develop themselves.       CorVive Transformation League is just that for CorVive.  A team-based competition where we can all work on transforming into the best person we can be mentally, physically, and emotionally. June 17th, ushers in the inaugural CTL 45-day season where teams will play each other each Sunday and earn spots like Player of the Week, Coach of the Week, Season MVP and 1 team will earn the coveted grand prize of a weekend experience like no other.    Competing is easy if you want to be a coach, find nine other like-minded people who want to compete with you. Or, you can join us as a free agent and find out which coach drafts you to their team on June 15th.  Check out for more details or to register.  My goal for CorVive will always be to love, serve and to care about others. But who says we can’t have fun while doing it? 

The Power in Simplicity of Choice

Did you know there is actually a condition called overchoice? This happens when there are so many decisions that you can become overwhelmed, ultimately resulting in not making a decision at all. When it comes to purchasing something, it has been proven the simpler the choices, the more likely someone is to decide to make a purchase. Likewise, the more choices given, the likelihood of someone making a purchasing decision decreases incrementally.   It seems relatively simple, but still, many companies have a plethora of products in their catalogs and expect that customers should have an easy time deciding what to take and how to take it. This unfortunate mistake often leads to prospective customers experiencing shopping paralysis, therefore nothing happens.   As I look back on my career, I realize as important as the business side is and helping families gain financial independence, customers are even more important. Having a loyal customer base is what helps ensure company stability.  They are the voice of whether or not your product is simple, effective and long lasting.   When we started CorVive, the most important part of our mission statement was to love, serve, and care…right next to those words was the philosophy of keeping the company fun, simple, and refreshing. Every time we examined and then reexamined a product, we made sure it passed the test; is this product easy to understand, is it effective, and is it safe. This simple philosophy is why so many people connect with the amazing health benefits of the CorVive product line.  Simple steps of using the product line.  First thing in the morning one glass of water with CorRenew and CorBolic capsules  Second, mix up a delicious CorPower protein supplement for breakfast  Third, mix up a glass of CorNRG or CorXLR (keto).     It really is that simple. Of course, we have a couple of complementary products, but even these are designed to fit nicely into each person’s lifestyle in order to maintain continuity. 

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