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Let’s Talk Energy Drinks!

It’s time to talk about energy drinks! Did you know that, on average, Americans spend $5 billion on these drinks annually? To top this off, 82% off Americans drink at least one energy drink per week. These numbers are astounding right? Well, it gets even better. Many times these individuals don’t even know what harmful ingredients they’re consuming!  The typical energy drink contains bucketloads of sugar, calories, carbs, sodium, along with many other artificial flavors and sweeteners! To put it simply, most energy drinks on the market don’t have anything beneficial to offer your body; they do much more harm than they do good!  Now that we have the bad news out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff! The CorVive team and I have created a good, clean source of energy that also contains other natural ingredients your body can use for its other functions such as, clearing the brain fog, bettering blood flow and  oxygen flow, adapting to stress, etc.! Here are some of our favorite ingredients: Carnosyn R™: Helps bolstering your body’s ability to buffer against muscle fatigue and failure L-Arginine: Helps your body build protein and can aid in heart health,  Ashwagandha Root: An ancient medicinal herb that is able to reduce anxiety and stress, ward off depression and even boosts brain function. Theobromine: Helps with mood and state of alertness. B Vitamins: Aid the Body’s ability to break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins into energy and helps support various glands in hormone production. Amino Acids: Helps in protecting lean muscle, while aiding in energy production, better blood flow and increased mental energy.  Herbal Extracts: Aids in supporting the immune system, provides a better sense of wellbeing and helps reduce inflammation  Now that you’ve seen all the benefits and many of the ingredients in CorVive’s NRG +Focus, let’s compare prices. The leading energy drink costs $3.29, whereas our elite, clean energy drink costs only $1.79 per serving. You’ll definitely be getting more for your money, plus you won’t be jeopardizing your health and wellbeing!  Just head over to CorVive to get your pack of NRG +Focus now (in your choice of Lemon or Blackberry flavor), open your pack, mix in some water, and be on your way to a healthier and more energized you!

Relieve, Renew and Relax with CBD Balm!🌿

CBD is one of the most popular health and wellness products on the market right now, and my team and I have revolutionized the way it’s done. CBD is known for helping skin irritations, muscle soreness along with joint inflammation, stiffness and/or soreness. Additionally, it is known to have a calming effect. In other words, it is an absolute must have!  At CorVive we utilize the isolate form of CBD, which is 99% pure and THC free! Along with this isolate, we have added 4 well-known moisturizers which will help aid in decreasing inflammation and provide antibacterial properties: Beeswax Shea Butter Olive Oil MCT Oil On top of this, we use a combination of essential oils that help the overall effects of the CBD - especially when used to help soothe sore muscles and joints! Here are the oils we chose:  Arnica: Aids in reducing muscle soreness and bruising Clove Bud: Assists in pain relief Peppermint: Helps relieve itchy skin, muscle soreness and headaches. Also helps to clear stuffy noses. Camphor: Allows for relaxation and decrease in inflammation.  CorVive’s CBD Balm is family friendly! Babies all the way to mature adults can use this product anytime, any day! Go ahead, get yours now and thank us later!


CorVive attracts a certain type of people…winners. You are the exception, congratulations! All of you humble champions are already winners. While the rest of the world has already started giving up on their new year’s resolutions, you are just getting started. You have a vision, you have a mission, you have goals, and most importantly you have a ‘why’. Quite literally you are the exception to the rule. Continued research continues to confirm that 92% of goals and resolutions made at the beginning of the year are all but forgotten six months into the year. This means that even though we are at the very start of our Hard 45 CorVive Transformation League, if you’re reading this chances are you’re still going for it… And for that we say bravo! CorVive thrives when you succeed As many know CorVive’s core philosophy is to love, serve, and care for others. The next word that is tagged to that beautiful mantra is fun. If you’re not having fun at some level, you’re not doing it right. There will be days that you might feel like you didn’t do your best, but don’t forget each day is a new beginning so pick yourself up, dust off and keep going—no one is judging here. We want to see you reach a mark so high that you surprise yourself. Let CorVive help you reach the top You are already succeeding and this year is your chance to finally reach goals that you thought were long impossible—but now they are attainable. CorVive is ready to fuel your success all the way to the top of your game. You are already setting an example to the 92% of folks that are already folding under the pressure, keep it up, this is your time to shine and be that 8% of people that see their ambitions materialize. Let CorVive and your ‘why’ make you excel more than ever before.

Make It Happen

Entering 2021 with the power to manifest your heart's purest ambitions.  Its often been said making a goal without a plan is just a dream.—Jeremy Fouts Founder CorVive There is nothing wrong with dreaming, in fact my heart is full of dreams, it always has been. For a period of time, I owned and operated a construction company—and believe me building things in the construction world would go nowhere without a plan: blueprints are a must—Jeremy Fouts Founder CorVive   Having a clear and well thought out plan can help you fast track your visions and ideas. Everyone’s approach to planning is different; some start with a straight line with markers along the way to illustrate progress, others might sketch out the idea and create a blueprint to help keep it moving forward, and then there are those like me that systematically create a blend of a few different methods; but if I could give some simple advice here for sticking to goals it is checklists and time tables. It really is that basic. If you have a goal that you’d like to see through, nothing is more helpful than setting a time in which to have it completed and then a checklist to keep you on task. It’s that basic… Jeremy’s Tips Time allotted to complete the goal.  A list of items needed to complete and a daily review to make sure that you are marking entries off of your list. If you will follow those couple of basic principles you will see your productivity skyrocket. Once you start to complete tasks you can bask in the satisfaction of being able to mark things off of your list, visually illustrating your path to completion; bringing you one step closer to your dreams and goals. Figure out the planning method that works best for you and then execute that plan. Don’t wait for your dream to come true, make it happen.

Don’t Blink

Don’t Blink  Catching up with Jeremy Fouts As we head into the holidays I would be remiss if I didn’t thank all of you near and far for your continued support in our mission to ‘love, serve and care’. We have had an interesting year for sure, but I hope that we all look back on 2020 with a sense of optimism; as a time when we were able to reconnect with our roots, slow down and assess our situations, and take the time to look inside and see your own inner power and strength. Jeremy and Candice adage for 2020 & 2021 We have a new year coming up and even though it’s just another day on the calendar it can represent a turning of the page in a chapter or some kind of watermark in your life. No matter the highs or lows you may experience, every day is a chance for a new beginning and a time for growth and change. Hopefully, when you look back at 2020 you will recognize the opportunity that came your way to sharpen your edge…even if it was just a new mindset, 2020 will be a mile marker for you to acknowledge and understand down the road. Use this new advantage to launch yourself into 2021 with a sense of wonder and desire about what you do to serve others in this life and in turn, how that might help you along your way. Let 2021 be your year; your year to serve, your year to care, your year to love. Reconnect those lines in your life that can give you purpose, as you forge new pathways in your future. Jeremy Fouts’ holiday tips and glimpse into 2021 The holidays will give us a chance to reflect and review—along with counting blessings: I am always grateful to all those that I get to serve in CorVive; along with my faith and family, you go a long way in my book and I love the vision we are writing together. As I look back on my life I see a lot of memories that have been made and reflect with astonishment at how quickly it all seems to happen. Time has a way of moving so fast, it blurs the lines that highlight different milestones along the way. I will say that wisdom comes with time, not in a boasting way, but in a way that allows me to see a clearer path for my future. And I hope to experience every day in a very positive way and encourage everyone to do the same. All that said, don’t blink, if you look away for a minute life will pass you by. Be an active participant in your life, take action for yourself and your loved ones, and be present for them. Life only goes one direction; make the best of all of it. There’s no time to focus on anger, passed chances, personal grudges, any negativity that takes away from [...]

Holiday Cheer

Sometimes during the holidays, there is a balancing act between remembering what the true spirit of Christmas is all about, contrasted by the desire to receive gifts. This has been a tricky year, as we have held sturdy through a variety of unique events that have created some real obstacles for living our lives the way we have been used to. For many, this time of year would represent receiving new clothes, bikes, the latest in technology, and the whole gamut of retail therapy. Given that this year created challenges of all shapes and sizes CorVive decided to take a less traditional route to this festive time of year.  Rather than focusing on receiving, the CorVive founders and leadership decided to focus on the essentials of CorVive and decided to live the mission of love, serve, and care. As the season continues, the CorVive group has already gladly lent a much-needed helping hand to many families across the nation…families that were experiencing exceptional hardship. The range of needs that exist throughout communities is continuous, if there was a direct need that CorVive could help, we wanted to do just that…help. There were many chances for CorVive to be of service, but things like household appliances and goods or sometimes even basic needs, like winter clothes were needed. The holidays hold a special magic in the form of gratitude. This magic emotion can cure a lot of despondency and stress. When we count more of what we have and less of what we don’t have, our hearts immediately grow an inch. Our greatest dream as we continue to love, serve and care is to make CorVive a company that has resources that are far-reaching, so that we can always be on the ground finding opportunities to express love, serve, and care. The CorVive founders and leaders will always be grateful for the opportunity to be of service to those in need and are always looking for ways to help. So we thank you CorVive for sharing the message to others to love, serve, and care this holiday season. CorVive wishes you all a Merry Christmas and will continue to look for opportunities to be of service whenever possible. Happy Holidays CorVive family, we love and appreciate you all.

Grow Where You’re Planted

Late in the spring, sometime in the last four decades, a beautiful woman from Spiro, OK, and her loving husband welcomed an inspirational soul into the world. He was unlike any other; he always pushed the limits to do more, if that meant extra drills after football practice, he was there. If that meant hitting the skin off of one more baseball, he was there. No matter the championship to be at or the competition that lies in wait the next day, Jeremy Fouts was up and ready to contribute to his household duties before he headed to the athletic competition for the day. These competitions kept Fouts in tip-top shape physically and helped to keep a formidable competitor mentally. He had just the right drive mixed with talent and hard work to create success; if you were to ask anyone who has ever interacted with him, unanimously you would soon discover his true secret power(s) is humility. There is never anyone along Jeremy’s path in need that he wouldn’t be the first to help in any way he could; he quite literally would give you the shirt off his back. And even though he is going to get to the bottom of who provided the information in this blog, it's worth the risk so that everyone can know how truly remarkable of a person Jeremy is and continues to be. Money hasn’t changed him, arenas chanting his name in unison hasn’t changed him. For him, life is about what you do forever. When we sat around a boardroom table putting the finishing touches on CorVive we finally got to the point in time when each of us would voice what CorVive should be…and almost unanimously the main message was that of love, serve and care. Jeremy Fouts thought it should be easy and meaningful and he has done just that. Now, as the outside forces seem to change like the wind, sometimes at your back, other times in your face. But this is where we get to witness the proof of Candice and Jeremy Fouts’ idea of building the company with a foundation built on principles that can withstand the billowing winds that come from all directions. We’ve tested and retested and we are proud to say, we are still here. While many have shut their doors, CorVive has always been one strategic move ahead of the rest of the world.  As many others struggled to shift gears, CorVive was ready to grab a gear and put the pedal down. It helps to have founders that can lean on their own experiences to make sure all goes well. CorVive continues to not only grow but also thrive in the soil where it was planted. The Fouts leaned on their life lessons to find the perfect soil to raise up a crop of leaders, a bountiful product line, and most importantly, a message to keep us all united: love, serve, care. None of this would be possible without Jeremy [...]

CTL 2 Week 4 Recap

On the downhill and picking up steam. By now we are sure that many of you have seen some of the before and after pictures of those hard working CTL participants that are prepping for the last weeks of CTL Season 2. It is incredible to see the work that these teams continue to put in to making positive changes for their lives for years to come. Let’s take a quick look into last weeks match-ups so you're ready to place your bets for this coming week! Be advised, there is always a twist so be careful who you back, a fast horse is always right there, ready to ride away with the weekly win. Things got kicked off Sunday with a game that would set the tone for the week, everything would be close, play would be clean (almost), and camaraderie would be at an all time high. Angel Huddleston put her Raptors into high gear; she had consistent submissions and had adjusted her calorie-gaining strategy from the week before. Ultimately, it was consistency with CorVive’s products that helped her to secure the win over Coach Denny Bonewitz and The Cowboys. They both stepped up, but the Raptors walked away with win. New coaches for season two have really been pushing the veterans to the max. One of those, Coach Dusti Caviness easily smoothed over a victory with her team The Wild Brumbies. This new coach’s winning streak should be something to keep an eye on. The OU Sooners had a bit of a slowdown this week as they faced off against Coach Tracy Grimes, but don’t count them out just yet! The Sooners still got a lot of fight in them despite the fact they played against a well-seasoned coach this week. Coach Grimes mentioned that the “simplicity” in the CorVive product line and regimen is what keeps her team winning. She has stayed true to the founding principles of the transformation and it has paid off. Coach Monique DeCourt and Coach Kris Hurley put on a nail biting show. Both of them have well-balanced teams and rosters that keep putting up solid numbers. Their leadership has been evident throughout the seasons; even outrunning a hurricane, they still saw complete submissions across their roster. Yard Goats pulled ahead of the Armadillos in the end for a score of fifty-three to forty. The Bulldog Pups played this week against the Gladiators. Most thought this would be a shutout, but the Gladiators made the Pups work for their win with a final score of eighty-five to seventy two. Now those Pups are full of self confidence, calling on any team ready to take a shot at the young pups. We have a feeling the line is going to start growing. Spartans vs. Sharknados were another close game, with the Spartans barely hanging on to a lead against champion coach Amanda Weber. The Hawks and Chiefs talent's were on full display with coach Ryan O’Donnell's team losing an astonishing twenty-eight [...]


“Champions are made in the middle, when there’s no finish line in sight and the starting blocks are way behind you, it is here when endurance kicks in and the difference between winning and losing takes shape. Though enduring throughout might seem a little less obvious, the stretch that tests your limits is more often than not right before the home stretch.” Often, when you begin a journey you are enraptured by the adrenaline rush, the spectators, the potential…but that long stretch in the middle is where you are able to illustrate your consistency and endurance and this is where the real champion within you is developed. The finish line in all its glory adds another surge of energy, but it is the lonely stretch in the middle when no one is watching, where you'll find the need to push yourself. The battle against your own personal record is truly where you win or lose. This is where champions are made, not just in terms of sports, but also in life. Enduring to the end is something that we all should strive for whether it is on the field or as we develop our own personal bests in all areas of life. It can be easy to rest on our accomplishments, but this is when we need to engage the principles of endurance. Those long miles in the middle of life when we are our own worst enemy is when we need to turn up the heat and stay consistent. Since this is also the easiest place for us to let up on the fuel, it goes without saying that this is also the sweet spot that will decide whether you find the best within you, or settle for something less. My personal challenge to each of you is that you never coast, you find those times where you feel like you’re just getting by and set them into overdrive and continue on that path until you cross the finish line. Believe it or not, this can be one of the hardest times to keep the faith. Take for instant the CorVive Transformation League. You probably had a good couple of first weeks, but now you just want to hit your goals and cross the finish line—don’t be blindsided by not enduring through the most important part of the competition. The finish line will be here before you know it so don’t waste the precious days in-between to truly fine-tune your regimen. Go for personal bests, don’t coast…endure.  If you endure now and don’t let off the throttle until you are well over that finish line you will have no regrets. The same is true for life. Don’t coast down the home stretch, live each day with energy and endurance. You never know who might need the gift that is CorVive. So many are watching a world that seems to be spinning aimlessly, but you have a gift to share that is meaningful—the gift of health. Endure to the end; push [...]

CTL Teamwork

Nothing in this world gets done without teamwork. Just one person has the ability to affect a movement or set it in motion for a revolution, but ideals are usually just stale brain fodder without a strong and competent team to help carry those ideas out. A team where everyone is given room to excel and spread their wings can accomplish great things. CorVive Founder Jeremy Fouts had this to say about teamwork, “Two draft horses pulling together cannot pull twice as much as one. They can actually pull three times as much. The two draft horses that can each pull 8,000 pounds alone can pull 24,000 pounds working together.” This fun fact is kind of an astonishing phenomena. The same is true in life. Our attitude towards others and our ability to work effectively in collaboration will take us much further on our journey than a lonely solo flight. We all essentially find our team in life. Sometimes we call them our tribe, but these are the people that mentor us, guide us, and in return we can do the same to strengthen the power of their own journey when needed. CorVive has been on a determined mission from the start to align with like-minded individuals that have a heart to love, serve and care. CorVive continues to drive a theme of service, wrapped in the gift of better health. They provide products that are simple to use, with powerful health benefits, along with a lifestyle element that allows anyone to be part of a team. Unwavering in his resilience to help others and their loved ones, Founder of CorVive Jeremy Fouts recently launched a nuanced effort to coach and mentor people in achieving their health and fitness goals, with the 45-day CTL challenge. The CorVive Transformation League has been a smash hit, creating positive team spirit during a very disconnected time in our nation. Coaches have helped lead their own team during the CTL and have contributed to create a very fun and lighthearted environment, encouraging others to stay committed and learn to push themselves mentally and physically in their endeavors. The CTL has seen some incredible transformations and continues to be a weekly favorite. “CorVive will always promote teamwork, it's paramount to our brand. We love to help others find their way to a more balanced healthy lifestyle that has a positive domino effect throughout the other parts of their life. ”—Jeremy Fouts 

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