Mid Season CTL Recap

Midseason of the CorVive Transformation League and things are really heating up! This week's line up was made up of remarkable strong competitors. As we experience the middle of the stretch grind, each team is digging deep to find the inner strength to continue to bring it all each day of the week. And although it might be true none of us are perfect, this week's games proved that just staying consistent is the trick to long-term success. Let's review some of the main highlights. Bill Belichick (J. Fouts) takes a deep dive into week 3 games. As Rebecca Lobo (Missy H.) analyzes the data trends emerging among the weekly contenders opening up play with the Mavericks vs Speedy Gonzales. Both teams put up some consistent and remarkable numbers, but there can be only one winner and this week the “W'' went to the Mavericks (92.28 – 51.10). One amazing side note was a team member of the Gonzales shared an amazing story about how 2 short years ago he was 65 pounds overweight, homebound, experiencing the effects of a heart attack…but once he was introduced to CorVive products within a year he is back to doing what he loves at 74 years old—he is riding and roping like it was 20 years ago. Our hats off to Rudy Gonzales. Despite freezing temperatures, Randy Lann and crew made no exceptions making sure they were getting their steps in for the week, setting the pace for the Razorbacks. Lined up this week against the Wildcats the Razorbacks faced some mean competition, final score 85 – 60, Wildcats. Something to keep in mind as we continue into the season is that the Shetlands are holding a 3 and 0 record. Let’s see if they can keep up their winning streak. Okies and the Buckeyes brought the heat. Everyone brought in daily solid work outs to be main contenders for the CTL competition…Ultimately the Okies took home the win 75.52 -56.85. But don’t count the Buckeyes out. They are just starting to hit their stride as they come into their own during their CTL 3.0 season. OGs and the Aggies; two of the most incredible coaches Ashley Switzer (She has lost over 80 pounds herself in her CorVive journey) and Angie Harmon, this one is anyone’s guess. Ultimately it was the OGs game with a final score of 132 to 100. Both amazing teams…We can’t wait to see how things continue to shape up for these phenomenal teams and coaches. As the lineup continues we see the Bulldogs go head to head with the Rough Riders. Two of the league's biggest trash talkers. The Rough Riders can’t seem to be beat this season, which is a stark contrast to last season. Coach Mouton pulls ahead with another win this week. Final score 76 to 112. James West might have lost this one, but never count him out. Top three of the week #3  Teresa Knox – Don’t get discouraged and stay consistent… [...]

CTL 2 Week 4 Recap

On the downhill and picking up steam. By now we are sure that many of you have seen some of the before and after pictures of those hard working CTL participants that are prepping for the last weeks of CTL Season 2. It is incredible to see the work that these teams continue to put in to making positive changes for their lives for years to come. Let’s take a quick look into last weeks match-ups so you're ready to place your bets for this coming week! Be advised, there is always a twist so be careful who you back, a fast horse is always right there, ready to ride away with the weekly win. Things got kicked off Sunday with a game that would set the tone for the week, everything would be close, play would be clean (almost), and camaraderie would be at an all time high. Angel Huddleston put her Raptors into high gear; she had consistent submissions and had adjusted her calorie-gaining strategy from the week before. Ultimately, it was consistency with CorVive’s products that helped her to secure the win over Coach Denny Bonewitz and The Cowboys. They both stepped up, but the Raptors walked away with win. New coaches for season two have really been pushing the veterans to the max. One of those, Coach Dusti Caviness easily smoothed over a victory with her team The Wild Brumbies. This new coach’s winning streak should be something to keep an eye on. The OU Sooners had a bit of a slowdown this week as they faced off against Coach Tracy Grimes, but don’t count them out just yet! The Sooners still got a lot of fight in them despite the fact they played against a well-seasoned coach this week. Coach Grimes mentioned that the “simplicity” in the CorVive product line and regimen is what keeps her team winning. She has stayed true to the founding principles of the transformation and it has paid off. Coach Monique DeCourt and Coach Kris Hurley put on a nail biting show. Both of them have well-balanced teams and rosters that keep putting up solid numbers. Their leadership has been evident throughout the seasons; even outrunning a hurricane, they still saw complete submissions across their roster. Yard Goats pulled ahead of the Armadillos in the end for a score of fifty-three to forty. The Bulldog Pups played this week against the Gladiators. Most thought this would be a shutout, but the Gladiators made the Pups work for their win with a final score of eighty-five to seventy two. Now those Pups are full of self confidence, calling on any team ready to take a shot at the young pups. We have a feeling the line is going to start growing. Spartans vs. Sharknados were another close game, with the Spartans barely hanging on to a lead against champion coach Amanda Weber. The Hawks and Chiefs talent's were on full display with coach Ryan O’Donnell's team losing an astonishing twenty-eight [...]

CorVive Transformation League Wrap Up

Forty-five circles around the sun and we find ourselves finally at the long awaited final week of the CTL. Never has there been such a heated competition that has turned out so many positive results. Individuals have made life long friends, they have transformed their bodies and they have awarded themselves with long-term better health. The whole body transformation that was experienced by those that participated in the first CTL season was nothing short of magical. This final week had teams experiencing all the highs and lows that come with moving the pieces around to win a championship. Many coaches and teams readjusted their strategies to battle fatigue and to refine player development. Even as the clock ran down teams were still putting up amazing weekly weight loss numbers, muscle gains and endurance benchmarks. Teams like the Shetlands went up against a machine in the Bull Dogs II. This competition was fierce to the end and the players matched each other play for play. Candace Rainwater spurred her Shetlands to a win during this match up, but all in all both teams were playing for keeps. They both sounded rally cries of mutual respect and the bond of competition that was forged was reviewed as positive beyond any win. Shetlands proudly accepted the win with 94 points. Coach Jeremy Fouts’ Renegades were hot on the trail of Novella’s Roadrunners, but in the end the Roadrunners ran away with the game, barely winning by a margin. The Roadrunners had dropped some pounds that left the Renegades re-evaluating their next season’s scope of transformation. Almost every game of the night was within a few points. Coach Knox and team walked away with a win over The Saints with a very slim 55 to 59 score. The Vaqueros faced off against Coach Brandon Gonzales and again the margins continued to close the gap. Ashley Switzer and the Aggies took on the Rattlers and had an even closer nail biting game, 101-99, with the Aggies taking the win. All of the top five rated teams scored point after point, whether it was workout calories or pounds down, none of the top five teams let off the gas. One of the most notable games of the night again was The Chiefs taking on the Dawgs. This long awaited match up didn’t let anyone down. Punch for punch these undefeated titleholders weren’t giving up an inch. In the end it my have been Coach Jerry Brigg’s 100-mile total weekly run that synched up the win for the Dawgs. Closing out a very close game at 277-261. Both teams are already shaping up their teams for the next season of The CorVive Transformation League. If you’re interested in a lifestyle change that you can be proud of or just want to get healthy while having fun head over to www.corvive.com/ctland join us for our next round of competition. Amazing rewards, phenomenal leadership and path for success that is second to none. See you on the field! [...]

A Weekend of Close Calls as CTL Nears the Finish Line

CorVive Transformation League Recap: A Weekend of Close Calls as CTL Nears the Finish Line All good things don’t have to come to an end! CTL may be close to wrapping up the first season, but the excitement for season two is nearing fever pitch, even before the inaugural season wraps up. We have witnessed some amazing performances in the CTL’s first round of competition and as the final week approaches teams are really seeing amazing transformations. Let’s review a few of the highlights that kept the CTL league buzzing this week. Controversy this week was kept to a minimum as teams refined their techniques and began their march to the final week. Submissions were clean, before and after pics are astonishing and coaches are beaming with pride. Right out of the gates Bulldogs 1, put Coach Tanner and the Vaqueros on their heels. Both of these teams have been putting up some impressive numbers and have experienced a solid season but it was coach James West and the Bulldogs that pulled off quite a win putting up an impressive 140 point total. Matt Tanner, a previous transformation champion, didn’t let the loss get him down. He sited some extenuating circumstances during the week for a decrease in points, but overall he was pleased with the performance of his team. West had this to say about the Bulldogs, “We are so excited about how things are shaping up with the CorVive Transformation League. It has been extraordinary to see how our team has opened up with each other and have really formed life-long bonds. There is no losing when you are able to shape lives in such a positive way; creating a support system that is always available.” Battling it out for another substantial win was the 49ers and Coach Jake Mouton. Known for his ability to stir the pot, Mouton kept to the same tactics, making sure his opposition always knew that he is there to bring the antics and performance. His team again met the 11 out of 11 submissions like clockwork and walked away with a victory win against Bulldogs 2. Both teams recognized the mutual respect they have for all of those competing in the league. When it came to weekly bests the Dawgs lost 20 pounds as a team in one week (almost approaching the weekly pace set by the formidable Chiefs)! As they took on the Red Raiders they fired on all cylinders, which had Coach Jerry Briggs of the Dawgs on his feet for most of the night. This game was fun to watch unfold and both teams played with many of the same strategies; products, activity, and commitment. Coach Cruz had spent the weekend running business strategy sessions, but had planned to come back in the final week ready to rock. In the end, the Dawgs walked away with a huge win and seem to be pulling away from other competitors, with a  confirmed 86,092 work-out calories logged. Coach Ashley Switzer and [...]

CTL RECAP: Midseason Heat Wave.

Every team involved in the CorVive Transformation League seems to be upping the ante at every corner. The league is seeing team performance skyrocket as the finish line comes into view. League Commissioner, CorVive Founder Jeremy Fouts, as well as a number of officials and commenters came head-to-head with league coaches as call reversals were demanded, scores requested to be reviewed, along with a number of game day call revisions. In the end, everybody came out beaming with pride in the way their teams performed, the lifestyle changes that are being made, and the life-long bonds being made that can only be accomplished by being comrades on the front lines. Fouts had this to say about the current state of the CTL season; “As the Ach13ve Transformation evolved from the beginning we knew we had something special, and now to see how the CorVive Transformation League continues to push individuals to new personal records with their goals and progress makes my day. The CTL program is something that is having a snowball effect. It gains momentum daily, the positive personal progress that people are experiencing is tremendous—and we’ve only just begun. I am humbled, thrilled, and inspired with what folks are doing to change their lives with three simple steps.” Right out of the gates a number of teams felt the sting from game day penalties: The 49ers, the Rattlers, the Bobcats, Ragin’ Cajuns, Bull Dogs I & Bull Dogs II, and even the Sun Devils were called on the carpet for what seemed like a diversion tactic on game day delays; forms were submitted late, some submitted the wrong form, but after all was said and done it was the sheer athleticism that found a number of these penalties expunged by tremendous active calorie counts, muscle gains, and just plain old fashion strong competition. Coach Carter was the coach to beat this week and held strong to his core commitment of off the charts team solidarity and workouts. One remarkable pattern that is coming from the CTL program is the astonishing group weight loss. In one week the teams combined weight loss was over 1,000 pounds, incredible by any measure. Laura Brent continues to take her personal commitment level to new heights and her team seems to be following suit, making staggering gains week after week. Standing out with sheer anticipation, one of the games that kept folks on the edge of their seats was between the Cajuns and the Colts. It was nearly too close to call, going neck to neck down to the wire, both representing the sportsmanship that is created cross team lines to cheer each other on, it was quite a sight. Coach Bonewitz pulled off an incredible upset against the 49ers putting this remarkable team on their heels; we expect them to continue pushing with the utmost tenacity throughout the season.Renowned Ach13ve Transformation winner Coach James Tomblin lead his team to a remarkable win showing them by example how to put up numbers [...]

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Growing up in rural Oklahoma, adventure usually meant using a lot of imagination. Your siblings were usually your running mates, most of the time it was all good fun, until your older brother talks you into jumping a ramp like Evel Knievel - I ended up going through our grandmothers’ windshield. Being number 3 of 4 boys, I grew up watching my older brothers play ball and of course I wanted to play too.  There are many great benefits to being involved in sports.  Physical activity, learning strategy, how to work with others and most importantly, how to push yourself.  These are all lessons or benefits that we can start to learn at a young age that help us to navigate life. Working as a team is a fun, exciting time as well as frustrating. You have to learn what your personal strengths and weaknesses are along with everyone else’s on the team.  However, that is valued information and opportunity that you can use to better develop yourself and most importantly how to help your teammates better and develop themselves.       CorVive Transformation League is just that for CorVive.  A team-based competition where we can all work on transforming into the best person we can be mentally, physically, and emotionally. June 17th, ushers in the inaugural CTL 45-day season where teams will play each other each Sunday and earn spots like Player of the Week, Coach of the Week, Season MVP and 1 team will earn the coveted grand prize of a weekend experience like no other.    Competing is easy if you want to be a coach, find nine other like-minded people who want to compete with you. Or, you can join us as a free agent and find out which coach drafts you to their team on June 15th.  Check out www.corvive.com/ctl for more details or to register.  My goal for CorVive will always be to love, serve and to care about others. But who says we can’t have fun while doing it? 

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