Let’s Talk Energy Drinks!

It’s time to talk about energy drinks! Did you know that, on average, Americans spend $5 billion on these drinks annually? To top this off, 82% off Americans drink at least one energy drink per week. These numbers are astounding right? Well, it gets even better. Many times these individuals don’t even know what harmful ingredients they’re consuming!  The typical energy drink contains bucketloads of sugar, calories, carbs, sodium, along with many other artificial flavors and sweeteners! To put it simply, most energy drinks on the market don’t have anything beneficial to offer your body; they do much more harm than they do good!  Now that we have the bad news out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff! The CorVive team and I have created a good, clean source of energy that also contains other natural ingredients your body can use for its other functions such as, clearing the brain fog, bettering blood flow and  oxygen flow, adapting to stress, etc.! Here are some of our favorite ingredients: Carnosyn R™: Helps bolstering your body’s ability to buffer against muscle fatigue and failure L-Arginine: Helps your body build protein and can aid in heart health,  Ashwagandha Root: An ancient medicinal herb that is able to reduce anxiety and stress, ward off depression and even boosts brain function. Theobromine: Helps with mood and state of alertness. B Vitamins: Aid the Body’s ability to break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins into energy and helps support various glands in hormone production. Amino Acids: Helps in protecting lean muscle, while aiding in energy production, better blood flow and increased mental energy.  Herbal Extracts: Aids in supporting the immune system, provides a better sense of wellbeing and helps reduce inflammation  Now that you’ve seen all the benefits and many of the ingredients in CorVive’s NRG +Focus, let’s compare prices. The leading energy drink costs $3.29, whereas our elite, clean energy drink costs only $1.79 per serving. You’ll definitely be getting more for your money, plus you won’t be jeopardizing your health and wellbeing!  Just head over to CorVive to get your pack of NRG +Focus now (in your choice of Lemon or Blackberry flavor), open your pack, mix in some water, and be on your way to a healthier and more energized you!

Relieve, Renew and Relax with CBD Balm!🌿

CBD is one of the most popular health and wellness products on the market right now, and my team and I have revolutionized the way it’s done. CBD is known for helping skin irritations, muscle soreness along with joint inflammation, stiffness and/or soreness. Additionally, it is known to have a calming effect. In other words, it is an absolute must have!  At CorVive we utilize the isolate form of CBD, which is 99% pure and THC free! Along with this isolate, we have added 4 well-known moisturizers which will help aid in decreasing inflammation and provide antibacterial properties: Beeswax Shea Butter Olive Oil MCT Oil On top of this, we use a combination of essential oils that help the overall effects of the CBD - especially when used to help soothe sore muscles and joints! Here are the oils we chose:  Arnica: Aids in reducing muscle soreness and bruising Clove Bud: Assists in pain relief Peppermint: Helps relieve itchy skin, muscle soreness and headaches. Also helps to clear stuffy noses. Camphor: Allows for relaxation and decrease in inflammation.  CorVive’s CBD Balm is family friendly! Babies all the way to mature adults can use this product anytime, any day! Go ahead, get yours now and thank us later!

New Website!!

CorVive is committed to bringing to you the best platforms for success, and today proves to be one of those amazing opportunities where we unveil the shiny-new, website. This is your go to location to learn more about CorVive’s founder and his mission to love, serve, and care for others. Head over to to test-drive this website. If you want a look behind the scenes of CorVive leadership look no further than The all-access website for topics ranging from leadership development to positive and motivational messages and blogs. Head over to for a more in-depth look at this amazing man's life.

CorVive Transformation League Wrap Up

Forty-five circles around the sun and we find ourselves finally at the long awaited final week of the CTL. Never has there been such a heated competition that has turned out so many positive results. Individuals have made life long friends, they have transformed their bodies and they have awarded themselves with long-term better health. The whole body transformation that was experienced by those that participated in the first CTL season was nothing short of magical. This final week had teams experiencing all the highs and lows that come with moving the pieces around to win a championship. Many coaches and teams readjusted their strategies to battle fatigue and to refine player development. Even as the clock ran down teams were still putting up amazing weekly weight loss numbers, muscle gains and endurance benchmarks. Teams like the Shetlands went up against a machine in the Bull Dogs II. This competition was fierce to the end and the players matched each other play for play. Candace Rainwater spurred her Shetlands to a win during this match up, but all in all both teams were playing for keeps. They both sounded rally cries of mutual respect and the bond of competition that was forged was reviewed as positive beyond any win. Shetlands proudly accepted the win with 94 points. Coach Jeremy Fouts’ Renegades were hot on the trail of Novella’s Roadrunners, but in the end the Roadrunners ran away with the game, barely winning by a margin. The Roadrunners had dropped some pounds that left the Renegades re-evaluating their next season’s scope of transformation. Almost every game of the night was within a few points. Coach Knox and team walked away with a win over The Saints with a very slim 55 to 59 score. The Vaqueros faced off against Coach Brandon Gonzales and again the margins continued to close the gap. Ashley Switzer and the Aggies took on the Rattlers and had an even closer nail biting game, 101-99, with the Aggies taking the win. All of the top five rated teams scored point after point, whether it was workout calories or pounds down, none of the top five teams let off the gas. One of the most notable games of the night again was The Chiefs taking on the Dawgs. This long awaited match up didn’t let anyone down. Punch for punch these undefeated titleholders weren’t giving up an inch. In the end it my have been Coach Jerry Brigg’s 100-mile total weekly run that synched up the win for the Dawgs. Closing out a very close game at 277-261. Both teams are already shaping up their teams for the next season of The CorVive Transformation League. If you’re interested in a lifestyle change that you can be proud of or just want to get healthy while having fun head over to join us for our next round of competition. Amazing rewards, phenomenal leadership and path for success that is second to none. See you on the field! [...]