CTL RECAP: Midseason Heat Wave.

Every team involved in the CorVive Transformation League seems to be upping the ante at every corner. The league is seeing team performance skyrocket as the finish line comes into view. League Commissioner, CorVive Founder Jeremy Fouts, as well as a number of officials and commenters came head-to-head with league coaches as call reversals were demanded, scores requested to be reviewed, along with a number of game day call revisions. In the end, everybody came out beaming with pride in the way their teams performed, the lifestyle changes that are being made, and the life-long bonds being made that can only be accomplished by being comrades on the front lines. Fouts had this to say about the current state of the CTL season; “As the Ach13ve Transformation evolved from the beginning we knew we had something special, and now to see how the CorVive Transformation League continues to push individuals to new personal records with their goals and progress makes my day. The CTL program is something that is having a snowball effect. It gains momentum daily, the positive personal progress that people are experiencing is tremendous—and we’ve only just begun. I am humbled, thrilled, and inspired with what folks are doing to change their lives with three simple steps.” Right out of the gates a number of teams felt the sting from game day penalties: The 49ers, the Rattlers, the Bobcats, Ragin’ Cajuns, Bull Dogs I & Bull Dogs II, and even the Sun Devils were called on the carpet for what seemed like a diversion tactic on game day delays; forms were submitted late, some submitted the wrong form, but after all was said and done it was the sheer athleticism that found a number of these penalties expunged by tremendous active calorie counts, muscle gains, and just plain old fashion strong competition. Coach Carter was the coach to beat this week and held strong to his core commitment of off the charts team solidarity and workouts. One remarkable pattern that is coming from the CTL program is the astonishing group weight loss. In one week the teams combined weight loss was over 1,000 pounds, incredible by any measure. Laura Brent continues to take her personal commitment level to new heights and her team seems to be following suit, making staggering gains week after week. Standing out with sheer anticipation, one of the games that kept folks on the edge of their seats was between the Cajuns and the Colts. It was nearly too close to call, going neck to neck down to the wire, both representing the sportsmanship that is created cross team lines to cheer each other on, it was quite a sight. Coach Bonewitz pulled off an incredible upset against the 49ers putting this remarkable team on their heels; we expect them to continue pushing with the utmost tenacity throughout the season.Renowned Ach13ve Transformation winner Coach James Tomblin lead his team to a remarkable win showing them by example how to put up numbers [...]