Jeremy Fouts “I often give advice about moving with urgency, but let me also admonish those who feel like life is spinning out of control…sometimes you have to slow down and get things in order before you roll full steam ahead.”
We are all guilty of it and in this modern day it’s almost impossible to avoid—we move too fast. Sometimes we are moving so fast we end up doing circles and repeating things a few times that only need to be done once. With our current lifestyle we constantly feel like we are missing out on something if we are not involved with everything, which means cramming more and more unnecessary undertakings that lead us to a tailspin.
For those of us who are currently experiencing this unrelenting feeling of rushing and rushing until life is no fun—slow down.
There is a beauty in slowing down. And I don’t mean to the extreme of clearing your calendar and filling your downtime with mindless activities; rather I mean slow down enough to examine your life in order to prioritize it. This delicate task requires discipline, but I encourage everyone to take a minute to be introspective and see if you’re just rushing through life touching the goalpost just long enough to barely remember that success happened. If you take a minute to evaluate what you are constantly running to, this time of reflection can really help you set your compass. By resetting, it ensures that all of your activities are aligning so that you actually hit your marks in life that truly matter, rather than just giving it a touch and going back into a circle.
When you slow down in order to speed up, you’re able to reset, renew and refine your goals. It allows you to make sure you are on the right path and participating in the correct activities leading you down a road that you not only enjoy, but are also successful in navigating. If you feel like your head is spinning daily and you are always out of time, it’s probably your clue to take a breather and slow your roll…if only for a short while to see that your life isn’t just passing you by, but you are an active participant in your life; and living with purpose.
Let’s face it; we are all guilty of it. I remember times in my life where I was doing so many things to put food on the table that I often didn’t sit down to eat at the table. The daily activity was a grind but I did get to a point where I slowed down just enough to organize my priorities and redirect my energies.
This might be something you do annually or monthly. Believe me, my mind is always on the go, so keeping up with my thoughts is in and of itself a mighty task, but even that takes discipline to make sure you are instilling the right thoughts into the mastery of your life. You are all capable of so many things and I encourage you push hard for your ‘why’ but don’t spin your life out of control chasing dead ends. We are all guilty of it, but we all have the opportunity of tomorrow so take a breath, check in with our loved ones and ourselves to make sure we are headed down the right path. If you will practice this from time to time when you begin to feel overwhelmed it will serve you well.
Jeremy Fouts -“The life of a modern day individual is filled with fast-paced moving. The pressure from work, family and social schedules can make you feel like there’s no time left in the day for anything else – including yourself! It becomes easy to lose perspective on what really matters when your days are so busy they blend together into one long string of “vanity tasks.” But have no fear; leaders who know how vital personal development truly is will always find ways around these obstacles because deep down inside we all crave stability despite our best efforts at avoiding chaos…and the biggest part of this is to be able to constructively slow down.”
Slow Down