Jeremy Fouts here, dropping you a blog that is a little different than blogs that I have done in the past. This week I wanted to talk a little bit about products. Now, Candice is obviously our in house product expert so I won’t be going into that much detail, but I’m going to give you a quick overview of how folks are incorporating our simple product line into their daily lives.
First things first, our simple 3 step system to start the day seems to build the foundation that everyone loves. The way I make this easy for me is to keep 8 ounces of water by my bed in the morning along with: 1 stick of Hydration, 2 capsules of Cor Bolic and 2 Capsules of Cor Renew. This makes it easy for me when I am ready to rise and shine, allowing me to get this hydration into my system right away. It does a couple of things; one, if you have just had a decent night’s sleep your body is ready to get rid of toxins so this helps to get things moving. Additionally, you have gone a few hours without H2O so adding the Hydration into your water really replenishes your electrolytes, which can help alleviate everything from muscle cramps to headaches. The Cor Renew assists your body with proper gut health support and of course Cor Bolic helps get your metabolism running for the day and starts you off correctly. Easy, right?!
Next, I start my morning routine and within about twenty minutes I’m ready for something more substantial, this is where I grab Cor Power. The beautiful thing about Cor Power is that it is delicious and ready to go, just as it is. Shake it over ice and water for the simplest version or dress it up as much as you would like in your morning smoothie. I typically land somewhere in the middle, adding some almond milk, ice and a quick mix in the blender.
Jeremy Fouts—“NRG is probably my favorite product, I usually double up and double down on this product. I know first hand what it took to formulate that product and I know that it works because my body feels it immediately. It immediately powers me up!”
NRG + Focus, this product is an all-star; I use it multiple times a day. But many people like to add this into the mix early afternoon, when folks often hit that afternoon slump. It’s amazing the clarity that NRG + Focus creates and the physical charge is unmatched. If you’re into keto dieting and are pushing your physical activity, XLR8 is a good one to pair up with NRG + Focus whenever you’re getting ready to burn some calories. Find the right mix that works for you.
Just a quick shout out to Cor Immune. This is one of the most powerful products CorVive produces. It seems these days there is never a time that we can let our guard down, especially when it comes to our immune system. We worked hard to pack this product with everything you need to fortify your immune system year round.
And finally (and possibly another of my favorites) RECOVR CBD+CBG Stick Balm; this amazing salve comes in a slick sport stick that allows you to freely apply the formula directly to your largest organ, your skin. Its soothing formula is felt almost immediately and its liposomal technology goes straight to where you need it most. We often hear from individuals who use this product on tension headaches by applying to their temples or the nape of their neck. This RECOVR stick goes to work immediately on achy joints and muscles, just with a quick massage of the sport stick. You have to experience the relief that this amazing formula creates, to believe it. I dare you to give it a try!
Jeremy Fouts—‘I use the CBD + CBG RECOVR stick every day after my workout, especially when I am doing two-a-days. It is unmatched by anything I’ve tried before.”