We are all guilty of it. Pushing a dinner date to the last minute, looking
for a jacket while the Uber idles in the drive, putting off a last minute
homework project; procrastination, the list is virtually endless. Additionally, we all
know those people that live on the other end of the spectrum, when
they arrive early, for them it is on time and on time is late, contrast that
with those of us that believe being fashionably late is the only way to
I’m not just talking about everyday time conflicts; I speak to a broader
sense of maintaining commitments and experiencing the satisfaction
of accomplishing tasks that lead to success.
“Once you set goals you must set a timeline in which you wish to
accomplish these benchmarks, although they may change, your
commitment to see your goals through to the end should not waiver.
This is the tightrope of procrastination. Constantly be checking in with
yourself. There is no greater feeling than completing a goal, task, and
project by your set date or even earlier. If you have yet to feel that
satisfaction begin working on taking steps to accomplishing tasks
today.”—Jeremy Fouts
As it relates to your CorVive business there is a big difference between
being a pushing person and being a prompt person. If people feel your
urgency and excitement they will reflect that in your engagements as
you discuss the CorVive lifestyle. As opposed to seeming desperate,
lean and hungry—that look is never good on anyone and your
prospects can feel those inclinations.
Some of these tips might seem obvious, but since we are addressing
procrastination, let’s get some real world tips that can help. My top 3
tips for avoiding procrastination.
-Organize your life (maybe grab that super organized friend to help
you). Write down your routines and check in regularly. You will be
surprised how quickly things move when you’re tracking closely. Once
you nail one of your milestones mark it off and start working on the
next one.
-On that note: set clear goals and define a realistic timeline. That one
is pretty straightforward.
-And finally, prioritize. If you are having a hard time pushing through
some of the heavier lifting choose times to work on lower hanging fruit
that is easier to check off the box. Perfection is not realistic, but constant
forward motion will benefit you greatly.
We are moving into the fall, the best season for word-of-mouth
marketing. Get out there with some solid goals and an unflawed ‘why’,
I know you are capable of great things.
With this you will see the satisfaction of releasing procrastination from your life!