As many of you know each year Las Vegas turns into the rodeo capital of the world during the first couple of weeks December for the NFR. The superstars of rodeo shine their buckles, fasten their cinches and get ready for a life changing competition; this is literally the Superbowl for many cowboys and cowgirls.

This year CorVive was lucky enough to be right in the middle of the action; we had an incredible product booth at the NFR managed by some incredible leaders showing what CorVive is made of, we had media representation bringing behind the scenes updates, and we partnered with some of the best athletes in the business. Basically we were all in for ten days of action. It was a roller coaster of a showdown, but all in all we couldn’t be more proud of those that wore the CorVive patch. They incorporated the CorVive products into their daily regimens and it showed in their masterful performances.

Jackie Crawford and Josie Connor really showed us how the cowgirls cash it in at these big happenings. Their hard work throughout the year allowed them to shine event after event. Never focusing on the negative, these young ladies showed us what a positive attitude, dedication and the right nutrition can do to fuel you right through to victory. The gentlemen were just as amazing while they represented the CorVive brand.

Our breakout star Tristan Martin used his first year NFR qualification to shine like a diamond. Not only is he humble and bright as a human, he used his inaugural NFR showing to show up many of the veterans riding on decades of reputation. Congrats Tristan on using CorVive products to ride away with that bag of cash. Travis Graves and Dustin Egusquiza were rode into the arena champions and rode out in the same fashion. These two gents showed us how one of the oldest sports in America is still as relevant as exciting as the first shows a century ago when the vaqueros and European cowboys used their talents to tame the west. Remaining world champs.

Taylor Broussard also showed us how this incredible sport is filled with highs and lows. Riding a one-ton animal at the NFR trying to take you for the jaunt of your life can take a toll after 10 nights in a row. It may seem like a short eight seconds for us spectators but for those athletes in tip top shape they see things differently. Taylor used CorVive products to keep his body in recovery after battling it out with an incredible opponent. We are honored to be a partner of such an amazing guy.

Another one of our CorVive juniors has his eyes set on big goals. Including making CorVive a huge part of his plans, Mr. Bryce Derrer has repeatedly illustrated why rodeo is such and physical and mental sport; every time he mounts up we know we are in for one heck of a show. He continues to stack up titles and championships and it is just a matter of time before this gent headlines major rodeos. We will continue to follow him as he tours the country on the rodeo circuit wearing that CorVive patch proud.

We rounded out our champion list the one and only Shad Mayfield, night after night he mystified the crowd with his pure skill and agility. When asked what it was that kept him going he mentioned a lot of the CorVive RECOVR CBD + CBG Stick coupled with NRG and Hydrate.

Jeremy Fouts–Stay tuned for more updates from these amazing CorVive ambassadors as they represent all things good about CorVive; each were humble and kind and the spirit of love, service and caring is an essential part of who they will continue to be.

Signing off now, Jeremy Fouts