CorVive has spent the last year putting the final touches on its latest piece of technology. Their new app is powered by some of the most powerfully engineered technology available without sacrificing simplicity. A lot of effort was put into the design and functionality to ensure that the new app was highly utilized without complicating the user experience. After months of fine-tuning the interface the company was thrilled to release the new software to their endorsers and consumers.

Jeremy Fouts, CorVive founder had this to say, “From the beginning of CorVive our goal has always been to keep things simple, from the way we develop nutritional supplements to the way we share our message. That’s why we took our time in making sure we got things right with this new app, we didn’t want to muddy the waters with a half hearted approach and we believe our customers and endorsers deserve the best.” CorVive was founded three years ago and although the company is still in its youth it is committed to investing back into the company’s infrastructure.

The way business is done on the internet changes by the day and CorVive is determined to keep up with offering only the best to those that capitalize on the unique timing and offering the currently exists at CorVive. With a well-rounded simple world-class product line, complimented by state-of-the-art new app, customers and endorsers should feel comfortable with the fact that the company is steadfast in keeping up with the latest and greatest.

This just happens to be the next big announcement in a string of positive news coming out of CorVive recently, with a few more surprises anticipated to be announced by the year’s end. Stay tuned.

About CorVive™
CorVive has partnered with some of the most prestigious formulators in the market place to ensure well-formulated products that distinguish CorVive from other supplement companies.