Midseason of the CorVive Transformation League and things are really heating up!
This week’s line up was made up of remarkable strong competitors. As we experience the middle of the stretch grind, each team is digging deep to find the inner strength to continue to bring it all each day of the week. And although it might be true none of us are perfect, this week’s games proved that just staying consistent is the trick to long-term success. Let’s review some of the main highlights.
Bill Belichick (J. Fouts) takes a deep dive into week 3 games.
As Rebecca Lobo (Missy H.) analyzes the data trends emerging among the weekly contenders opening up play with the Mavericks vs Speedy Gonzales. Both teams put up some consistent and remarkable numbers, but there can be only one winner and this week the “W” went to the Mavericks (92.28 – 51.10). One amazing side note was a team member of the Gonzales shared an amazing story about how 2 short years ago he was 65 pounds overweight, homebound, experiencing the effects of a heart attack…but once he was introduced to CorVive products within a year he is back to doing what he loves at 74 years old—he is riding and roping like it was 20 years ago. Our hats off to Rudy Gonzales.
Despite freezing temperatures, Randy Lann and crew made no exceptions making sure they were getting their steps in for the week, setting the pace for the Razorbacks. Lined up this week against the Wildcats the Razorbacks faced some mean competition, final score 85 – 60, Wildcats.
Something to keep in mind as we continue into the season is that the Shetlands are holding a 3 and 0 record. Let’s see if they can keep up their winning streak.
Okies and the Buckeyes brought the heat. Everyone brought in daily solid work outs to be main contenders for the CTL competition…Ultimately the Okies took home the win 75.52 -56.85. But don’t count the Buckeyes out. They are just starting to hit their stride as they come into their own during their CTL 3.0 season.
OGs and the Aggies; two of the most incredible coaches Ashley Switzer (She has lost over 80 pounds herself in her CorVive journey) and Angie Harmon, this one is anyone’s guess. Ultimately it was the OGs game with a final score of 132 to 100. Both amazing teams…We can’t wait to see how things continue to shape up for these phenomenal teams and coaches.
As the lineup continues we see the Bulldogs go head to head with the Rough Riders. Two of the league’s biggest trash talkers. The Rough Riders can’t seem to be beat this season, which is a stark contrast to last season. Coach Mouton pulls ahead with another win this week. Final score 76 to 112. James West might have lost this one, but never count him out.
Top three of the week
#3  Teresa Knox – Don’t get discouraged and stay consistent…
#2 Keith Craig – Squats with 50 pounds of feed on his back, winning the award for the best improvisation and saying yes to the challenge.
#1 Katondra Collins-Lawson – Takes the tidal with some incredible dance moves.
Game of the week: Bobcats versus the Chiefs. Laura Brent lines up against Eric Carter. Stats were off the charts and the game was going to be close. Their numbers blew the roof of the house. 201 to 190, Bobcats take the “W ”. Great, close game.
Weekly overall stats:
210,753 Activity Minutes
30,180,095 Steps
438 Weight Loss
74 Muscle Gain
“We are set apart from other companies by the positive affirmation that you can get up and do great things. Don’t just take something and sit on the coach. Let clean nutrition like CorVive help you to do great things in this world.” Jeremy Fouts