Entering 2021 with the power to manifest your heart’s purest ambitions. 
Its often been said making a goal without a plan is just a dream.—Jeremy Fouts Founder CorVive
There is nothing wrong with dreaming, in fact my heart is full of dreams, it always has been.
For a period of time, I owned and operated a construction company—and believe me building things in the construction world would go nowhere without a plan: blueprints are a must—Jeremy Fouts Founder CorVive
Having a clear and well thought out plan can help you fast track your visions and ideas. Everyone’s approach to planning is different; some start with a straight line with markers along the way to illustrate progress, others might sketch out the idea and create a blueprint to help keep it moving forward, and then there are those like me that systematically create a blend of a few different methods; but if I could give some simple advice here for sticking to goals it is checklists and time tables.
It really is that basic. If you have a goal that you’d like to see through, nothing is more helpful than setting a time in which to have it completed and then a checklist to keep you on task. It’s that basic…
Jeremy’s Tips
  1. Time allotted to complete the goal.
  2.  A list of items needed to complete and a daily review to make sure that you are marking entries off of your list.
If you will follow those couple of basic principles you will see your productivity skyrocket. Once you start to complete tasks you can bask in the satisfaction of being able to mark things off of your list, visually illustrating your path to completion; bringing you one step closer to your dreams and goals.
Figure out the planning method that works best for you and then execute that plan. Don’t wait for your dream to come true, make it happen.