Our Purpose

Jeremy Fouts & Corvive

Driven, focused, and determined, our purpose is to help others achieve their goals in life – just like we did. We firmly believe in the idea that when you have the right support, the right solutions, and the right mindset, you can accomplish your goals – but more importantly, you can turn them into reality.

Both Jeremy Fouts, and his wife Candice Fouts, have spent their careers inspiring others to strive to become their best selves. We’ve lived it, seen it and done it all – our purpose is to simply lend a helping hand and show the world just how strong each and every one of us can be when we have the right support behind us every step of the way.


The CorVive founders knew that in order to help those who wanted to use the CorVive products to help them achieve their health goals, it was also necessary to offer them a program to follow.

The ACH13VE TRANSFORMATION program is an extensive detailed guide to help others lead a better, healthier lifestyle. Through an active lifestyle program that is built upon the very foundation of what it means to live a healthy life, the intensive program teaches participants about an all-inclusive approach to managing health.

And when coupled with CorVive products, ACH13VE is a transformative experience that helps to revitalize the mind, body, and soul, so that participants can get back on track, achieve their goals, and remain focused in all that they set out to do.