We could devote a series of blogs to the importance of gut health. Why? Because it is that important. Almost every function of your body on some level deals with healthy gut conditions. It is why your diet is so important and why supplementation is so important, but for the sake of conversation today let’s dive into how the immune system is largely based around the gut; therefore having a healthy immune system also means having a properly functioning gut health environment.
Your gut is directly linked to your blood transportation system, so for the most part what you are putting in your body on a cellular level is being distributed throughout your body at a cellular level. The barrier between your gut and blood stream are intricately connected, which means the good stuff also gets circulated with the bad stuff. When functioning properly your gut eliminates things like bad bacteria and viruses. Your body is a modern miracle that even after thousands of years and advancements is not completely understood, but each breakthrough brings us closer to helping the body function on all cylinders and one thing is for certain, our diet can greatly affect our bodies ability to fortify itself against harmful properties.
UCLA is one of the leading experts in the study of gut health, in fact in their most recent study they revealed that at least 70% of immune system function happens at the gut level and nutrition is the key modulator of immune function. This is why CorVive’s supplementation is very simple and the first step of our system starts with CorRenew, which is ingeniously blended to reinforce the gut to function at its most effective level. Additionally, Cor Bolic is also essential in assisting the gut to properly regulate metabolic production naturally. And of course, Cor Power is the perfect combination of vitamins and minerals complemented by the cleanest whey protein available. This whey protein is essential to vitalize all of the guts function, which in turn helps the immune system to fight off everything from the common cold and allergies to daily oxidative stress caused by aging.
We always want CorVive to be a place you can come and discover all of the products that have been developed to help you stay in the best shape of your life. The product line was developed to be simple intentionally. Healthy supplementation shouldn’t be so complicated that you get lost trying to find what is best for you. We have worked hard to make sure we are always delivering the most effective products on the market.
Cor Renew