“Champions are made in the middle, when there’s no finish line in sight and the starting blocks are way behind you, it is here when endurance kicks in and the difference between winning and losing takes shape. Though enduring throughout might seem a little less obvious, the stretch that tests your limits is more often than not right before the home stretch.”
Often, when you begin a journey you are enraptured by the adrenaline rush, the spectators, the potential…but that long stretch in the middle is where you are able to illustrate your consistency and endurance and this is where the real champion within you is developed. The finish line in all its glory adds another surge of energy, but it is the lonely stretch in the middle when no one is watching, where you’ll find the need to push yourself. The battle against your own personal record is truly where you win or lose. This is where champions are made, not just in terms of sports, but also in life.
Enduring to the end is something that we all should strive for whether it is on the field or as we develop our own personal bests in all areas of life. It can be easy to rest on our accomplishments, but this is when we need to engage the principles of endurance. Those long miles in the middle of life when we are our own worst enemy is when we need to turn up the heat and stay consistent. Since this is also the easiest place for us to let up on the fuel, it goes without saying that this is also the sweet spot that will decide whether you find the best within you, or settle for something less.
My personal challenge to each of you is that you never coast, you find those times where you feel like you’re just getting by and set them into overdrive and continue on that path until you cross the finish line. Believe it or not, this can be one of the hardest times to keep the faith. Take for instant the CorVive Transformation League. You probably had a good couple of first weeks, but now you just want to hit your goals and cross the finish line—don’t be blindsided by not enduring through the most important part of the competition. The finish line will be here before you know it so don’t waste the precious days in-between to truly fine-tune your regimen. Go for personal bests, don’t coast…endure. 
If you endure now and don’t let off the throttle until you are well over that finish line you will have no regrets. The same is true for life. Don’t coast down the home stretch, live each day with energy and endurance. You never know who might need the gift that is CorVive. So many are watching a world that seems to be spinning aimlessly, but you have a gift to share that is meaningful—the gift of health.
Endure to the end; push yourself to a personal best that will be met with a huge celebration because you never let up on fulfilling those personal bests that you embarked on this journey to improve.