A little progress each day goes a long way.
As many of you know we recently celebrated a 2021 kickoff event called Catalyst. Hosting quarterly events are a core part of my success strategy for a number of reasons, but one of the main things I love to experience at these events is the fact that I get to celebrate your wins. However big or small there is no greater satisfaction than getting to see people that I love learn, grow and succeed.
In two short years I have watched individuals grow into exceptional leaders and there truly is no greater fulfillment. Not just the physical changes that have lead people to live healthier lives, but also the personal development that has been bestowed on each one of you; allowing the light that has always been inside you to shine brighter than ever before.
That light allows you to illuminate the path of the thousands or more that will follow in the days and years to come. Your ability to love, serve and care is amazing, but I know what that will do for your long-term success. No matter the highs or the lows, you are all growing each day in ways that are unimaginable.
I encourage you daily to take a few minutes and reflect on your wins no matter how big or small. This will help you to stay true to the course you’ve charted for yourself. CorVive was built on simple and basic principles, but the power in this foundation is second to none.
“One of my greatest joys in life is to see the complete transformation in your lives that allows that light inside you to shine so bright it cannot go unnoticed.” Jeremy Fouts
Please continue to love, serve and care for others. We are seeing how our simple message is impacting the world and we are just now getting started. Don’t miss the chance to change not just your world for the better but the lives of those around you. Count your blessings, recognize your wins and keep making magic happen.