CTL 1 Coaches Corner: Tips and tricks for taking your fitness goals to the next level for CTL 2, directly from CorVive Transformation League Coaches of the Week.
Make the most of your workouts.
Jeremy Fouts: What is your personal tip that guides your own work outs? Push your limits. Your body is an amazing machine; listen to it. It knows when you need nutrition/supplementation, it knows when you’ve gone a little too far, and most importantly it knows how to recover. Almost every CorVive product has an ingredient intentionally incorporated into the formulation to assist in recovery. From CBD Balm’s peppermint oil to NRG’s l-arginine: be consistent with the products to get the most out of your regimen.
Mental Strength
Sherry Klander: Whats your number one rule that you don’t skip?
I ensure that I take 10-15 minutes of time to myself every day to really get my mind right. I recommend that all of my players do SOMETHING every day to work on their mental game!  Jeremy Fouts recommends working on leadership daily, so it is definitely something I incorporated into the CTL and I would recommend it to everyone joining CTL 2. Keep your mind sharp and your body will follow.
Physical Maximum
Laura Brent: How do you really get a good sweat on? First and foremost, any workout is better than no workout! I am a huge advocate for strength training. However, let’s say you only have limited space and limited access to weights…my favorite space saving moves are as follows- Air Squats, Lunges, Standing calf raises, push-ups, planks, jumping jacks, jump rope, and mountain climbers. All of these exercises are sure to get your heart rate up and can all be modified to fit your fitness level!
Product Power
Jerry Briggs: What are your f avorite products and how do you maximize it/them? I think the obvious answer here is Cor Power. While it is very true that it helps immensely and plays a huge role in the amount of time I’m able to put in running without taking a day off, I’m going to go a different route and say HYDR8!  My whole life I’ve struggled mightily with hamstring cramping, both while sleeping/laying in bed, and during the day after long, hard workouts.  In recent years, I’ve had trouble with both legs cramping at the same time, effectively immobilizing me for a period of time, and even bringing tears to my eyes.  The last cramp I experienced had been just about a week or so ago, after an 11 or 12 mile run. I called for help from my HYDR8 and consumed it quickly. Not even a whimper of a cramp the rest of the day, or since! I regularly consume a HYDR8 before and after a workout now, sometimes during too.  It’s the only thing I’ve ever had that makes the cramping subside and prevents them from recurring.  Not Gatorade, not pickle juice, not salt tablets, nothing I’ve tried (and I think I’ve tried it all) has worked like HYDR8.  If you are a person who struggles with muscle cramps, I suggest trying HYDR8!
Positive Motivation
Eric Carter: How do you keep your team united? I have the good fortune of having most of my team near by, but even at a distance I try to keep us all on the same page by setting similar goals, sharing product tips and making sure we are staying active. Each week we focus on being consistent with using products to maximize our workouts and it has been incredible to see how when you really apply the products,how it influences you to make more of your work outs. We have also really encouraged our team to reach out and share products with new individuals because witnessing someone experience the positive benefits of products can be very encouraging.
Mental Fortitude
Kim Pacino:   How do you keep your team focused? It is actually remarkable how much of physical fitness is mental fitness and vice versa. My team had a pronounced focus straightaway. Along with focus, we had great camaraderie that permitted us to push ourselves further than we thought possible. As we neared the end, we all experienced fatigue, just like every other team; and like the others we adjusted strategy in the end to deal with exhaustion…but that is where the magic happens. Just when we thought we were at our limits we realized that we had surpassed original goals! We had gone further than we thought possible. So don’t be afraid to re calibrate and refocus on your goals to ensure your success.
Level Up
Jeremy Taylor:  Everyone was always impressed by how fit your team became. What was your strategy and what do you recommend to help individuals push harder? Some how I ended up with a group of all-stars, this team was astonishing. They were diligent in taking the products on time and during the right times, so using the clean CorVive products was a big reason why our team was able to go to the next level. The other thing that was naturally part of our group was a very fun sense of competition. They were competitive to the core, but didn’t let that drive out the fun; they all had a blast while participating. And that’s the advice I’d give new comers, don’t forget to have fun while you’re participating in the CTL and don’t ever forget your products because if you do, you’re going to notice the difference. Keeping your body fueled with good, clean nutrition like the CorVive products is fundamental, if you can do those two things, you’ll—level up.
Jaymar Walls: How do you stay committed through the season? The CorVive Transform League is a fun program that has naturally allowed everyone to elevate their commitment to their fitness and health. I would invite everyone to join CTL 2 because of the inherent ability that the program has to help you stay committed. The CTL lets you stretch beyond your goals and solidify your commitment to your health. By reaching down and digging in with your CTL team, you will find discipline, courage and commitment to achieve your goals. Use CTL 2 and the team support to achieve your goals.
James West: How do you push hard through the end? Using the full forty-five days of The CorVive Transformation League has become our team’s secret weapon to seeing phenomenal results because it has a built in component of perseverance. Each day there is a way for us to push our lifestyle to the next level.  You can’t have perseverance without having the patience to make it happen. I would encourage each of you to not beat yourself up when things get tough, just have patience and keep going. I would challenge you to find someone new to partner up with for the CTL 2.  See how applying the principles of patience and perseverance can have, on changing your long-term health for the better.