Every time we gear up for a CorVive Transformation League we try to improve upon the last. We never want anyone giving up because it is boring or the same ol’ thing is happening again. Now, let’s face it, there are some tried and true ways to get into tip-top shape that are unchangeable, but that doesn’t mean we cant get creative and getting creative is exactly what we did with this latest CTL. And WOW does it show in the before and after pics. Jeremy Fouts usually will challenge the team to come up with an idea while he also turns things up 100% to make sure we are making the most of every CTL.
Jeremy Fouts—“The last thing I want folks to do is fall off the wagon because they felt the redundancy play out. Getting fit is as much a mind game as it is a physical effort. So if we can engage our minds at a high level while getting fit there is usually some magic in that. Most things worthwhile never come easy. You will never regret getting your health on the right track, it is something that will pay you in dividends over the course of your life.”
This CTL was even more unique than some of the others; you had some dark horses come up from the back to snag a victory and some good old steady gym goers really shape up some phenomenal teams. One of the coolest parts of the CTL is how we were able to track data and combine that for our charitable partner Feeding America.
Total Steps—129M (unheard of!)
           Top Stepper was Jennifer Hinds of Ole Miss, who hit 1.7M steps individually
As for picking a winner it is never easy, all things considered: social engagement, team engagement, picture submission, and info. submission. The panel of judges usually go rounds for a couple of days until the jury can settle on a winner, and typically we end up bending the rules and selecting more than initially bargained for. Let’s take a look at the male winners. This time around the male winner was a sleeper, under Coach Jerry Briggs—and we have a feeling this was part of Jerry’s strategy all along to pull the ace out of his sleeve when he needed it and that is exactly what he did with Michael Demmitt. Mr. Demmitt’s before and after pics are what we all wish we look liked and we are super proud. He incorporated a very consistent CorVive product regimen along with a well rounded workout routine to come out on top of this CTL season (we will chat about what he wins in just a moment). Congrats Michael Demmitt on a fantastic win.
The top ladies were just as impressive and they ran the gamut from demographics to body consistency these ladies were ready to win. And again the jury deliberated for a long time to ensure that everything was considered to achieve a win. Coach Parson’s are her Gator team had some successful women on it. Veteran’s Shawnette Hinkle and Shelby Comi made the finalist list. At the end, Samantha Watson was the top female winner. Congrats Samantha for a smooth victory.
Camillia Parson’s Gators were on the heels of everyone, there were a ton of amazing teams, but those Gators are worth mentioning. Keeping up with the Gators was Ole Miss, Coastal Carolina, University of Michigan, and Auburn …there were just so many amazing teams in this CTL.
Probably the most important aspect of the CTL is the team environment because we don’t want anyone to do this by themselves. We were thrilled that we have a handful of amazing couples that took it to the limits Richard and Shawnette Hinkle, Chris and Ashley Cruiz, Jerry and Carrie Briggs all took home the best couple award.
Aaron Danenhauer took home the coaching award. Not only did he have a huge team to manage, but he did it well and it showed. The Costal Carolina team members were represented in every category of the CorVive Transformation League. It should also be mentioned that newcomer coach, Tricia Landry coached an incredible team across the finish line.
Overall most dedicated award went to Claudia Trimnal. She overcame a nasty shin injury that required stitches, but was immediately back in the gym showing her strong commitment to better health.
As many of you know ,what made this CTL special were the awards, especially the main reward for Feeding America and supporting the food banks during this time of year. (Also, there are championship rings, a team trophy, all to be recognized at the Ignite event in Feb). One of the most exciting prizes we are bringing back is the celebrity makeover for the male and female winner. Michael and Samantha will be treated to a shopping spree, a photoshoot, a meal with CorVive execs…it’s all just completely over the top.
Ultimate makeover winner goes to Michael Demmitt, from the Michigan Wolverines coached by Jerry Briggs. And the female winner whom will receive the Ultimate Makeover is Samatha Watson, coached by Camillia Parson’s on the Florida Gator team. We are thrilled to host these winners for an incredible weekend.
The Coastal Carolina team is the overall Championship team that gets to determine where the all of the food for Feeding America is allocated to. Debatably one of the most important parts of this round of the CTL, we trust this team to make wise decisions as to who will receive the benefits of the Feed America program. They will determine where 14,375 meals will be donated.
Get ready to rock and roll for the next CTL. It is going to continue to get bigger and better so now is the time to show everyone your ability to love, serve and care. Share the CTL!