As CorVive was getting started, the goal was to not only be a company that makes a financial difference to people, but also to provide individuals a 13 week challenge to improve their health. It was important to CorVive that a positive lifestyle platform be incorporated in the company. CorVive’s Ach13ve Transformation program borrowed elements integral from its own brand, incorporating the number 13 into every element the transformation stands for.

The program runs for 13 weeks and not only does CorVive award the top female and male every 13 weeks with grand prizes, but they also support the group along the way. CorVive has put a lot of effort and resources into the transformation program because they want to assist people in making lifestyle changes and improving their health.  Candice Fouts states, “CorVive’s products are of the highest quality that you will find and we wanted to get them out to as many people as possible.” Adding a simple fitness program made sense to CorVive as people naturally started feeling better after taking these elite products.

The goal of CorVive’s transformation program is to encourage, support, and welcome everyone with open arms and love. CorVive’s Ach13ve program is built around a very positive atmosphere with phenomenal camaraderie.  For more information on CorVive’s Ach13ve transformation program please visit