What better way to kick off fall than with the new and improved Cor Bolic  from CorVive? Designed to aid your body in more efficient energy production, control over those unwanted cravings and to help you manage your meal portion size, Cor Bolic is going to help you get back on track after indulging all Summer!


Utilizing various plant and fruit extracts to encourage and promote your body’s metabolism, it is  paired with TeaCrine which is a patent pending ingredient that helps not only your physical energy levels as well as your mental energy needs. 


Ingredients Added:

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
    • Comes from non roasted or raw coffee beans, which contain chlorogenic acid
    • Chlorogenic acids have various positive properties, such as:
      • Antioxidant
      • Anti-inflammatory
      • Anti-hypertensive
    • These various positive effects can be:
      • Stimulate weight loss by aiding the body to burn glucose and fat
      • Reduce levels of stress hormone cortisol
      • Aids in enhancing cognitive performance
      • Helps to flush out toxins, fats and other impurities


  • Cayenne Fruit Extract – Capsaicin (active ingredient)
    • By helping to increase the amount of heat your body produces, in turn aids in boosting your overall metabolism which means you will burn more calories along with helping your body’s circulation.
    • Capsaicin also aids in:
      • Detoxification support
      • Better digestion and stomach health
      • Easing inflammation from various allergies and/or food sensitivities


  • Niacin (as Niacinamide)
    • A form of Vitamin B which helps convert carbs, fats & proteins into a usable energy source for the body
      • Antioxidant properties
      • Aids in:
        • Better brain function
        • Maintaining health of digestive system, nervous system and skin


We have always held fast to our unwavering commitment of clean nutrition. We believe that everyone deserves clean, high quality nutrition. Therefore, we strive to formulate the highest quality of products. With that being said, we are super excited about these new updates! Be sure to go get your new and improved Cor Bolic from CorVive today!