Doing it for you also means doing it for those you want to see succeed.
I have always had a strong passion around events. Not just because—of lights, camera, action—in fact those are maybe the elements I like the least. What I do enjoy is the opportunity to see you, connect with you…to share the wins with you. Events have so many moving parts. We celebrate wins, we reconnect, we refuel, and we spread the love. In the past I have presented on national and international stages often filled with 5,000-10,000 people. Those types of events make it a little more difficult to see everyone individually, which is why these foundational moments of CorVive are so important because they won’t last forever.
Jeremy Fouts – Maturing Teams
There will come a time when we will have teams that have to do their own things at events, elements will be less intimate and we will be compelled to do things on a larger stage. However, it will always be my goal to make as many personal connections as I can. The best times are always between the flashes; in the product store; behind the scenes; passing on the elevator. This is when I truly love to get a vibe for who you are as a person and celebrate you in those smaller moments that often mean more. And the biggest reason for hosting these events on a regular basis is to make sure we stay connected, we stay grounded, we stay CorVive.
Leaders are cultivated and created at events, whether you joined CorVive today or last year. Events are where you sharpen your tool set, learn from others and experience the true meaning of elevating your success to the next level.
I challenge each of you to not just be at the event, but to also bring a guest…either way we would love to see you. The best way for you to grow is to see the light in the eyes of a new person who is catching the feels and realizing everything they have been taught begins to coalesce at the event. This IGNITES them. It lets them see beyond the everyday happenings to realize that they have joined an amazing company at the perfect time. A ground floor opportunity with upside like nothing I have ever been a part of. CorVive’s anniversary is in May and I can’t believe how time has flown…but I also can’t believe how much ground we have covered in this short amount of time. On every turn we have decided to not take shortcuts because what is best for the CorVive family always comes first.
Jeremy Fouts—Serve others by helping them attend events.
So as we come into this next month, realize there is much to celebrate. We are shaking off some difficult things as a nation, it finally seems like we are breaking through a storm cloud and are finally seeing rays of sunlight. I want you to all do yourself a favor and plan on being at the next event. We have worked tirelessly for the last six months to solidify your future. While many companies have come and gone in the short time that CorVive has been around, we have done just the opposite, we have met challenges directly and have not backed down.
This is what I will pass on to you as you continue to develop on your CorVive journey. Don’t back down! Join us in May so we can share with you the myriad of developments that are only going to streamline your business, create some new talking points, but most importantly we are ready to knock your socks off with some new amazing surprises that we can barely contain.
Join us as we fill you in on all we have been developing over the last year and let us fill you with the joy of being in the right place at the right time. May 7, 2022 should be on your calendar, blocked out, and ready to head to the next level…and you should plan to help as many folks as possible experience the service we are ready to share with them, one that will catapult them right to the next rank they deserve.
Cheers! See you in May.