Finding the boundaries of being a stay-at-home mom, an integral part of her kids
schooling system behind the wheel of that iconic school bus and a general
gatekeeper of life can be an interesting endeavor to juggle. But Brandi and Spencer
Guidry seem to be finding the rhythm that works for them, now that CorVive has
helped them to see the incredible things they are capable of. Spencer, a natural-born
entrepreneur already had the finesse needed to guide an opportunity like CorVive
and Brandi is right by his side as they both navigate the wonder of the CorVive
On the cusp of Brandi and Spencer Guidry’s tenth wedding anniversary they were off and running
with CorVive, and as it goes with timing they managed to find CorVive in the perfect
spot. CorVive being in its third year is positioned for explosive growth that often
only comes around once-in-a-lifetime and for folks like Brandi and Spencer Guidry were
prepared and ready for something like CorVive to come along, let’s just say it was a
divine calling that everything came together when it did. Brandi often refers to
trusting in the process and listening to your leaders and learning as they help you
learn to fly. Luckily Brandi and Spencer Guidry were in good hands with sponsors like the
Duhon’s; they couldn’t ask for a more driven and willing couple that is ready to lock
arms with them and launch massive success.
Brandi and Spencer Guidry hail from a beautiful part of the south called Carencro, LA. We caught up with Brandi just as she was patching up a sprain on her sporty kiddo, wrapping
up a day at work, and packing to head out for a week long stretch to celebrate ten
years with Spencer. She is an inspiration to talk to but she had some good sound
bites that are worth repeating.
“So many signs started to point to CorVive. We come from a place of faith and
trust that we are receptive when things are put in our path for a reason…
CorVive was definitely in that realm of accepting that a good thing had
happened and we were going to go for it, knowing that we just need to trust
in our leadership to help us navigate. We got in and we got moving quickly,
we set dates immediately, we invited as many people as possible and
everything just started clicking. It was amazing to see the response that
happened when we just followed the process.”
Things are just getting started for Brandi and Spencer Guidry and with leadership like the Duhon’s
to follow, we know that they are going places. Having already qualified for CorVive’s
bootcamp event in November—an intimate event that showcases upcoming
advancements in CorVive’s business systems, product strategy and
the future of CorVive.
“Folks like the Duhon’s and the Guidry’s are the reason I love CorVive so
much; these are the people you want to not just do business with, but life
with. They have a spark inside them that is natural and magnetic. These are
​the people that will carry the banner message of love, serve and care
forward…And I love knowing that the message is in good hands.”—Jeremy
CorVive celebrates the young success that the Guidry’s are having and can’t wait to
continue to revel in the benchmarks of the ongoing achievements. It’s exciting to see
the CorVive message resonating with so many. The company is always humbled by
the quality of people that CorVive attracts. So we are going to do like Brandi says,
“mix up some Lemon NRG and Pink Lemonade Hydration and hold on.”