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Let’s Talk Energy Drinks!

It’s time to talk about energy drinks! Did you know that, on average, Americans spend $5 billion on these drinks annually? To top this off, 82% off Americans drink at least one energy drink per week. These numbers are astounding right? Well, it gets even better. Many times these individuals don’t even know what harmful ingredients they’re consuming!  The typical energy drink contains bucketloads of sugar, calories, carbs, sodium, along with many other artificial flavors and sweeteners! To put it simply, most energy drinks on the market don’t have anything beneficial to offer your body; they do much more harm than they do good!  Now that we have the bad news out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff! The CorVive team and I have created a good, clean source of energy that also contains other natural ingredients your body can use for its other functions such as, clearing the brain fog, bettering blood flow and  oxygen flow, adapting to stress, etc.! Here are some of our favorite ingredients: Carnosyn R™: Helps bolstering your body’s ability to buffer against muscle fatigue and failure L-Arginine: Helps your body build protein and can aid in heart health,  Ashwagandha Root: An ancient medicinal herb that is able to reduce anxiety and stress, ward off depression and even boosts brain function. Theobromine: Helps with mood and state of alertness. B Vitamins: Aid the Body’s ability to break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins into energy and helps support various glands in hormone production. Amino Acids: Helps in protecting lean muscle, while aiding in energy production, better blood flow and increased mental energy.  Herbal Extracts: Aids in supporting the immune system, provides a better sense of wellbeing and helps reduce inflammation  Now that you’ve seen all the benefits and many of the ingredients in CorVive’s NRG +Focus, let’s compare prices. The leading energy drink costs $3.29, whereas our elite, clean energy drink costs only $1.79 per serving. You’ll definitely be getting more for your money, plus you won’t be jeopardizing your health and wellbeing!  Just head over to CorVive to get your pack of NRG +Focus now (in your choice of Lemon or Blackberry flavor), open your pack, mix in some water, and be on your way to a healthier and more energized you!

Relieve, Renew and Relax with CBD Balm!🌿

CBD is one of the most popular health and wellness products on the market right now, and my team and I have revolutionized the way it’s done. CBD is known for helping skin irritations, muscle soreness along with joint inflammation, stiffness and/or soreness. Additionally, it is known to have a calming effect. In other words, it is an absolute must have!  At CorVive we utilize the isolate form of CBD, which is 99% pure and THC free! Along with this isolate, we have added 4 well-known moisturizers which will help aid in decreasing inflammation and provide antibacterial properties: Beeswax Shea Butter Olive Oil MCT Oil On top of this, we use a combination of essential oils that help the overall effects of the CBD - especially when used to help soothe sore muscles and joints! Here are the oils we chose:  Arnica: Aids in reducing muscle soreness and bruising Clove Bud: Assists in pain relief Peppermint: Helps relieve itchy skin, muscle soreness and headaches. Also helps to clear stuffy noses. Camphor: Allows for relaxation and decrease in inflammation.  CorVive’s CBD Balm is family friendly! Babies all the way to mature adults can use this product anytime, any day! Go ahead, get yours now and thank us later!

Hydration Station💦

HYDRATION STATION - HYDR8 Benefits Do you know what many Americans struggle with, oftentimes without even realizing it? I’ll tell you – it’s staying hydrated! Many of us fail to maintain a proper fluid intake on a day to day basis; thus, causing us to stay in a constant state of dehydration. Not to mention, once your body gets to a certain point of dehydration, it needs more than just water to get it back to normal! Learn more about our HYDR8 benefits below.  This is why my team and I decided to formulate HYDR8! This Oral Rehydration Supplement has all the right ingredients to ensure you’re staying hydrated. Here’s what you need to know: HYDR8 contains a proprietary blend of Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium, Zinc, Vitamin C and a Trace Mineral Blend. It also contains 7 grams of pure cane sugar which acts as a transport system that will deliver the needed salts and attached water to your cells. This supplement contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners, no soy and no GMOs! HYDR8 will aid in flushing out lactic acid; therefore, you will notice reduced muscle soreness if taken before, during or after a workout. Maintaining proper hydration will help increase energy levels, mental clarity, mental and physical reaction/processing times, and muscle recovery! SO, whether you are someone who likes to workout, play sports, be active in any way, or if you’re someone who just struggles with staying hydrated (or maybe you struggle getting the kiddos to drink their water), this is something you need to have on hand at all times! HYDR8 retails for $2 per serving (or $1.60 if you choose the subscription route) which is HALF the price of your average sports drink! Get yours now at!

XLR8 Event

In just a short couple of years CorVive has established itself as the benchmark for the most lucrative opportunity, coupled with a mission to do good in the world. There is no better place to experience the foundational elements of this vision of providing the best nutritional products in the world, than to attend one of CorVive’s world class events. Join us to experience the love, care and fun that is sure to supercharge your mind, body and soul. CorVive’s XLR8 event is named after one of CorVive’s hero products and will be the largest company gathering to date! We can’t wait to let you all in on the top secret projects that we have been working on behind the scenes to ensure that CorVive is a place you will always feel at home, while creating the lifestyle you dream of. Space is limited so don’t waste any time preparing your trip to Dallas, Texas. We want you to experience the power of CorVive. Please keep in mind that CorVive’s last event experienced at-capacity attendance and even though we have planned for an even larger gathering, space is still limited—this will be a sell-out event so plan accordingly. We will do our best to accommodate all that we can so you and your teams can come and enjoy a weekend of leadership, learning, and fun. See you in Dallas May 22, 2021 at the freshly constructed Frisco Hyatt hotel, currently offering a discounted rate of $125 for those attending the CorVive XLR8 event. Prepare to XLR8 your businesses into a remarkable summer! GET TICKETS TODAY:

CTL March Greatness

CorVive’s trend setting CorVive Transformation League is set to turn up the heat this spring. Prepare to reward yourself with that summer bod you’ve been dreaming of. Despite a variety of global challenges that came with the year 2020, CorVive turned everything into a positive by launching a health and lifestyle program that is second to none, The CorVive Transformation League. This program took off like wildfire and helped thousands to achieve better health and wellness. When the clock struck mid-night and 2021 began the CTL took things up another level by providing participants with a CorVive interactive tracking app that gives unparalleled support and tracking within it. The CTL is complimented by a simple product regimen that helps participants reach goals that require them to stretch both mentally and physically. Now as we gear up for the next round of the CTL, CorVive introduced a number of upgrades that will help you to assist others in reaching their personal health goals, while providing participants with even greater incentives, progress objectives, camaraderie and support. Don’t miss the next level of the CTL March Greatness contest, starting March 8, 2021. This initiative will focus on helping others accomplish personal bests, while inviting all to experience the current massive wave of momentum that CorVive is experiencing. Prepare yourself for the opportunity to participate in amazing cash promotions and other ultimate rewards that all ride on the companies core mantra of love, serve, and care (oh, and did we say FUN!) REGISTER HERE:

Daily Wins :: Jeremy Fouts CorVive Founder

A little progress each day goes a long way. As many of you know we recently celebrated a 2021 kickoff event called Catalyst. Hosting quarterly events are a core part of my success strategy for a number of reasons, but one of the main things I love to experience at these events is the fact that I get to celebrate your wins. However big or small there is no greater satisfaction than getting to see people that I love learn, grow and succeed. In two short years I have watched individuals grow into exceptional leaders and there truly is no greater fulfillment. Not just the physical changes that have lead people to live healthier lives, but also the personal development that has been bestowed on each one of you; allowing the light that has always been inside you to shine brighter than ever before. That light allows you to illuminate the path of the thousands or more that will follow in the days and years to come. Your ability to love, serve and care is amazing, but I know what that will do for your long-term success. No matter the highs or the lows, you are all growing each day in ways that are unimaginable. I encourage you daily to take a few minutes and reflect on your wins no matter how big or small. This will help you to stay true to the course you’ve charted for yourself. CorVive was built on simple and basic principles, but the power in this foundation is second to none. “One of my greatest joys in life is to see the complete transformation in your lives that allows that light inside you to shine so bright it cannot go unnoticed.” Jeremy Fouts Please continue to love, serve and care for others. We are seeing how our simple message is impacting the world and we are just now getting started. Don’t miss the chance to change not just your world for the better but the lives of those around you. Count your blessings, recognize your wins and keep making magic happen.

Mid Season CTL Recap

Midseason of the CorVive Transformation League and things are really heating up! This week's line up was made up of remarkable strong competitors. As we experience the middle of the stretch grind, each team is digging deep to find the inner strength to continue to bring it all each day of the week. And although it might be true none of us are perfect, this week's games proved that just staying consistent is the trick to long-term success. Let's review some of the main highlights. Bill Belichick (J. Fouts) takes a deep dive into week 3 games. As Rebecca Lobo (Missy H.) analyzes the data trends emerging among the weekly contenders opening up play with the Mavericks vs Speedy Gonzales. Both teams put up some consistent and remarkable numbers, but there can be only one winner and this week the “W'' went to the Mavericks (92.28 – 51.10). One amazing side note was a team member of the Gonzales shared an amazing story about how 2 short years ago he was 65 pounds overweight, homebound, experiencing the effects of a heart attack…but once he was introduced to CorVive products within a year he is back to doing what he loves at 74 years old—he is riding and roping like it was 20 years ago. Our hats off to Rudy Gonzales. Despite freezing temperatures, Randy Lann and crew made no exceptions making sure they were getting their steps in for the week, setting the pace for the Razorbacks. Lined up this week against the Wildcats the Razorbacks faced some mean competition, final score 85 – 60, Wildcats. Something to keep in mind as we continue into the season is that the Shetlands are holding a 3 and 0 record. Let’s see if they can keep up their winning streak. Okies and the Buckeyes brought the heat. Everyone brought in daily solid work outs to be main contenders for the CTL competition…Ultimately the Okies took home the win 75.52 -56.85. But don’t count the Buckeyes out. They are just starting to hit their stride as they come into their own during their CTL 3.0 season. OGs and the Aggies; two of the most incredible coaches Ashley Switzer (She has lost over 80 pounds herself in her CorVive journey) and Angie Harmon, this one is anyone’s guess. Ultimately it was the OGs game with a final score of 132 to 100. Both amazing teams…We can’t wait to see how things continue to shape up for these phenomenal teams and coaches. As the lineup continues we see the Bulldogs go head to head with the Rough Riders. Two of the league's biggest trash talkers. The Rough Riders can’t seem to be beat this season, which is a stark contrast to last season. Coach Mouton pulls ahead with another win this week. Final score 76 to 112. James West might have lost this one, but never count him out. Top three of the week #3  Teresa Knox – Don’t get discouraged and stay consistent… [...]


CorVive attracts a certain type of people…winners. You are the exception, congratulations! All of you humble champions are already winners. While the rest of the world has already started giving up on their new year’s resolutions, you are just getting started. You have a vision, you have a mission, you have goals, and most importantly you have a ‘why’. Quite literally you are the exception to the rule. Continued research continues to confirm that 92% of goals and resolutions made at the beginning of the year are all but forgotten six months into the year. This means that even though we are at the very start of our Hard 45 CorVive Transformation League, if you’re reading this chances are you’re still going for it… And for that we say bravo! CorVive thrives when you succeed As many know CorVive’s core philosophy is to love, serve, and care for others. The next word that is tagged to that beautiful mantra is fun. If you’re not having fun at some level, you’re not doing it right. There will be days that you might feel like you didn’t do your best, but don’t forget each day is a new beginning so pick yourself up, dust off and keep going—no one is judging here. We want to see you reach a mark so high that you surprise yourself. Let CorVive help you reach the top You are already succeeding and this year is your chance to finally reach goals that you thought were long impossible—but now they are attainable. CorVive is ready to fuel your success all the way to the top of your game. You are already setting an example to the 92% of folks that are already folding under the pressure, keep it up, this is your time to shine and be that 8% of people that see their ambitions materialize. Let CorVive and your ‘why’ make you excel more than ever before.

Make It Happen

Entering 2021 with the power to manifest your heart's purest ambitions.  Its often been said making a goal without a plan is just a dream.—Jeremy Fouts Founder CorVive There is nothing wrong with dreaming, in fact my heart is full of dreams, it always has been. For a period of time, I owned and operated a construction company—and believe me building things in the construction world would go nowhere without a plan: blueprints are a must—Jeremy Fouts Founder CorVive   Having a clear and well thought out plan can help you fast track your visions and ideas. Everyone’s approach to planning is different; some start with a straight line with markers along the way to illustrate progress, others might sketch out the idea and create a blueprint to help keep it moving forward, and then there are those like me that systematically create a blend of a few different methods; but if I could give some simple advice here for sticking to goals it is checklists and time tables. It really is that basic. If you have a goal that you’d like to see through, nothing is more helpful than setting a time in which to have it completed and then a checklist to keep you on task. It’s that basic… Jeremy’s Tips Time allotted to complete the goal.  A list of items needed to complete and a daily review to make sure that you are marking entries off of your list. If you will follow those couple of basic principles you will see your productivity skyrocket. Once you start to complete tasks you can bask in the satisfaction of being able to mark things off of your list, visually illustrating your path to completion; bringing you one step closer to your dreams and goals. Figure out the planning method that works best for you and then execute that plan. Don’t wait for your dream to come true, make it happen.

Don’t Blink

Don’t Blink  Catching up with Jeremy Fouts As we head into the holidays I would be remiss if I didn’t thank all of you near and far for your continued support in our mission to ‘love, serve and care’. We have had an interesting year for sure, but I hope that we all look back on 2020 with a sense of optimism; as a time when we were able to reconnect with our roots, slow down and assess our situations, and take the time to look inside and see your own inner power and strength. Jeremy and Candice adage for 2020 & 2021 We have a new year coming up and even though it’s just another day on the calendar it can represent a turning of the page in a chapter or some kind of watermark in your life. No matter the highs or lows you may experience, every day is a chance for a new beginning and a time for growth and change. Hopefully, when you look back at 2020 you will recognize the opportunity that came your way to sharpen your edge…even if it was just a new mindset, 2020 will be a mile marker for you to acknowledge and understand down the road. Use this new advantage to launch yourself into 2021 with a sense of wonder and desire about what you do to serve others in this life and in turn, how that might help you along your way. Let 2021 be your year; your year to serve, your year to care, your year to love. Reconnect those lines in your life that can give you purpose, as you forge new pathways in your future. Jeremy Fouts’ holiday tips and glimpse into 2021 The holidays will give us a chance to reflect and review—along with counting blessings: I am always grateful to all those that I get to serve in CorVive; along with my faith and family, you go a long way in my book and I love the vision we are writing together. As I look back on my life I see a lot of memories that have been made and reflect with astonishment at how quickly it all seems to happen. Time has a way of moving so fast, it blurs the lines that highlight different milestones along the way. I will say that wisdom comes with time, not in a boasting way, but in a way that allows me to see a clearer path for my future. And I hope to experience every day in a very positive way and encourage everyone to do the same. All that said, don’t blink, if you look away for a minute life will pass you by. Be an active participant in your life, take action for yourself and your loved ones, and be present for them. Life only goes one direction; make the best of all of it. There’s no time to focus on anger, passed chances, personal grudges, any negativity that takes away from [...]

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