CorVive Transformation League Recap: A Weekend of Close Calls as CTL Nears the Finish Line

All good things don’t have to come to an end! CTL may be close to wrapping up the first season, but the excitement for season two is nearing fever pitch, even before the inaugural season wraps up. We have witnessed some amazing performances in the CTL’s first round of competition and as the final week approaches teams are really seeing amazing transformations. Let’s review a few of the highlights that kept the CTL league buzzing this week.
Controversy this week was kept to a minimum as teams refined their techniques and began their march to the final week. Submissions were clean, before and after pics are astonishing and coaches are beaming with pride.
Right out of the gates Bulldogs 1, put Coach Tanner and the Vaqueros on their heels. Both of these teams have been putting up some impressive numbers and have experienced a solid season but it was coach James West and the Bulldogs that pulled off quite a win putting up an impressive 140 point total. Matt Tanner, a previous transformation champion, didn’t let the loss get him down. He sited some extenuating circumstances during the week for a decrease in points, but overall he was pleased with the performance of his team. West had this to say about the Bulldogs, “We are so excited about how things are shaping up with the CorVive Transformation League. It has been extraordinary to see how our team has opened up with each other and have really formed life-long bonds. There is no losing when you are able to shape lives in such a positive way; creating a support system that is always available.”
Battling it out for another substantial win was the 49ers and Coach Jake Mouton. Known for his ability to stir the pot, Mouton kept to the same tactics, making sure his opposition always knew that he is there to bring the antics and performance. His team again met the 11 out of 11 submissions like clockwork and walked away with a victory win against Bulldogs 2. Both teams recognized the mutual respect they have for all of those competing in the league.

When it came to weekly bests the Dawgs lost 20 pounds as a team in one week (almost approaching the weekly pace set by the formidable Chiefs)! As they took on the Red Raiders they fired on all cylinders, which had Coach Jerry Briggs of the Dawgs on his feet for most of the night. This game was fun to watch unfold and both teams played with many of the same strategies; products, activity, and commitment. Coach Cruz had spent the weekend running business strategy sessions, but had planned to come back in the final week ready to rock. In the end, the Dawgs walked away with a huge win and seem to be pulling away from other competitors, with a  confirmed 86,092 work-out calories logged.

Coach Ashley Switzer and the Aggies also put up some amazing game day numbers and shook up a lot of the competition for the evening. In a game against the Grizzlies that was almost too close to call. Coach Switzer saw her team pull ahead putting up an outstanding 123 points. Switzer reassessed her strategy this week that saw her team participating in everything from swimming to boxing. Coach Ira Earp congratulated the Aggies on a game well played and also promised to see the final week through with a come back.
Coach Carter and the Chiefs seem to be unstoppable; they faced off against Coach Brandon Gonzales of the Indians this week. This show down was no exception for what has become a common theme for the CTL…The Chiefs will have poured even more fuel on the competition, putting up the weekly best with 29 pounds lost in one week. Another win in the books for the Chiefs has everybody wondering if their winning streak can be halted.
The Bayou Bengals had a notable showing this week under the guidance of their coach Jeremy Taylor. Even with Coach Rainwater and the Shetlands putting up consistent and impressive numbers the Bengals walked away with the win. Accompanied with their win this week, Jeremy Taylor took home the coveted CTL title of Coach of the Week.
It is still any teams season, even with one week to go. The top 5 in the Power Rankings are as follows:
  • Chiefs
  • Dawgs
  • Eagles
  • Bobcats
  • Cowboys
The overall theme of the week was incredibly positive with the CorVive essentials of love, serve, and care always at the forefront. With the final week upon us all of the coaches expressed their deep respect for the camaraderie that the CTL has brought to their friends and families.

Jeremy Fouts founder of  CorVive and the CTL league helped to break down a lot of the elements that have helped make the  CorVive Transformation League a runaway success. Often he has explained that there have been a few common threads of the CorVive Transformation League. One has definitely been product consistency; those individuals seeing truly amazing results keep a basic product routine that they don’t deviate from and is the cornerstone to their strategy. Another common theme has been team unity; there is nothing quite like a team that can form familial bonds to keep each other uplifted and successful. And finally those same uplifting teams allow for a lot of positive reinforcement leading to accountability.  Fouts had this to say regarding that principle of accountability, “CTL has been a way to create levity during a time when we needed it most. It has really let individuals have fun with a competitive outlet. One of the amazing byproducts of a program like this is the accountability that accompanies it. Individuals will give up on themselves, but they wont give up on their teams. When someone has others counting on them, they step up to the plate and make it happen. In the end, it is that extra accountability allowing them to see exponential progress.”

Final week, here we come. Stay tuned.