A good leader knows how to serve; there you have the secret of a great, strong leader… the ability to serve. From the inception of CorVive–as blueprints were drawn up, as storyboards grew, as products were perfected, a mission statement developed and it was simple: love, serve, and care. Those three principles were so strong in Jeremy Fouts mind that he knew that they would become the guiding ethics of CorVive.

For years Jeremy instilled leadership skills in those around him; instrumental to those skills was the ability to serve. If someone didn’t have it in their heart to be of service to humanity, Fouts found it very hard to help them overcome other obstacles that were critical to becoming an effective leader. He knew that paramount to leadership is service. The cornerstone value of
service has historically proven its requisite time and time again. From times of war to times of peace, from bedtime stories to true autobiographies, whether rich or poor, the badge of leadership rested on the stripes of those that could shoulder the significance of service.

If you have the innate ability to serve your fellow man, then you will have the ability to inspire within them the ability to trust you, to become loyal to you, and to treat you the way that you treat them. Within the code of service also lies the golden rule of life, treat others the way that you would like to be treated. This principle is tested and true. “If ever you are struggling with doubt, depression, or stagnation I challenge you to serve,” once stated CorVive Founder Jeremy Fouts, “this simple act is the quickest cure to almost all that you might struggle with in life. When you are in the service of others ,you immediately begin to feel the ease of burdens that hold you back from developing as a leader.” Even the most brilliant mind in modern history, Albert Einstein once said, “It is high time that the idea of success should be replaced with the ideal of service.” The most well known genius of our time was able to draw a straight line between service and success–you truly cannot have one without having the ability to do the other.

Now that you know the secret, try it out! The next time you are feeling low, search out an opportunity to serve! Opportunities are all around us, all the time. And when you do find service as a remedy to your despondency, remember how it makes you feel. Understand that through service you are refining your ability to lead and create a better world. Your ability to apply the golden rule to your life will repay you in dividends. Let your servant heart lead you to your path of success. The cat is out of the bag and the ground is fertile with ways to serve. Give it a shot.