In May 2018 Jeremy Fouts launched CorVive, an elite wellness company designed with you in mind. Settling into retirement on a ranch in the spring of 2016, Jeremy had fulfilled a life long dream. But the story does not end there. With Jeremy’s 15 years experience in nutritional sales and team building he built CorVive from the ground up giving everyone tools to succeed. When you have a heart the size of Jeremy’s you want to do more, not just for yourself but for others.

Jeremy Fouts’s constant drive to do more and be more is only surpassed by his desire to help others do the same, he has always been a willing mentor dedicating his life to helping others achieve their goals and dreams. Service has always been at the source of his drive to keep moving forward. But he realized early on that the secret to really pursuing dreams and not stopping until you achieve your goals is having a strong purpose and reason, also know as a ‘why’.

Often when sharing his message Jeremy will focus on really trying to identify your “why” because it will be what drives you through life as you journey toward your ultimate destination. One of Jeremy’s major “whys” that he often shares to help others identify their purpose and reason is that he knew he wanted to be a debt free, stay-at-home dad. A parent that could coach his boys sports teams, be there for holidays, birthdays and all special occasions. He wanted to be able to cook his children whatever they wanted for breakfast each day as they got ready for school. He wanted to have the option to drive them to and from school. He often describes his “why” in such detail that he would visualize it over and over. So that when tough times came he could reset his attitude simply by focusing on his “why”. By identifying your purpose and passion you can use it as rocket fuel towards your goal and obstacles that arise become obstacles in your review mirror because your passion, your “why” has propelled you beyond temporary set backs as you continue your journey to financial freedom.

CorVive has a line of products that are second to none they were incubated, tested, and reformulated until they were perfect…for months. Growing up on a farm and as an active athlete, perfection was something that was in Jeremy Fouts blood and all he needed was a “why” to detonate this powerful motivation to accomplish anything he set his mind to. He knew that if he could create an opportunity for others to become passionate about that he could change the lives of millions and that is exactly what he and his co-founder Candice Fouts intend to do—change the health and finances of as many individuals as possible for the better. They realize life may not always be perfect. CorVive might find you when you’re at your lowest point in your life, but that is exactly why CorVive was created, was to be the vehicle you could hitch your goals to and reach for the stars, and once you identify your “why” with CorVive there will be no stopping you until you reach your destination.

From the beginning Jeremy set a consistent schedule of calls, LIVEs, and social media broadcasts to help train, answer questions, and help individuals find their passion and their “why”.Whether it is a event or a social media LIVE stream you can find the right cadence that fits your schedule. You can find Jeremy on the endorser channel on Mondays, Tuesday and Saturdays. Often times he will often schedule other LIVE broadcasts so that you have access to the best of the best there is in training. No other company offers this deep of a training schedule to help each individual endorser succeed.

At the very depth of Jeremy’s passion is his remarkable desire to help others succeed. So we invite you to jump in and enjoy the journey, identify your “why” and don’t stop until you accomplish all the success you deserve.

CorVive is young, novel, fun and fresh and with the clear vision that has been intricately imbedded in the company from before it was hatched this rocket ship is headed to the top and we want as many people as possible celebrating with us 90 days from now, two years from now, five years from now. You are going to hear about CorVive, it is quickly becoming a house hold name. Its up to you to decide if you’re going to hear about it or be the one creating and telling your story and help others find their purpose, passion and “why”.